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Free and reliable web hosting

Get online with confidence

Backed by multiple data centers and a battle-tested cloud infrastructure, Weebly's free web hosting ensures your site performs well under any conditions, so visitors can get to what they want, fast.

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Modern and stable infrastructure

Smooth performance for all your websites

Weebly works differently. Instead of placing your site on a single server — as most other web hosting services do — we employ our entire infrastructure to every site and every customer. Why does this matter? Imagine if your site were featured on a top news site. Instead of competing with others for the CPU and memory of a single server to handle the unexpected flood of traffic, Weebly spreads the load to keep your site running smoothly.

No ads, just performance with paid plans

Focus on bringing your best ideas to life

When's the last time you used a free service that didn't force you to accept ads? Weebly lets you choose 100% of what goes on your website. Just design the site you want and start attracting visitors, knowing your site will load fast and remain live under any conditions — guaranteed.

Manage dozens of websites

Choose how to use web hosting for your clients

Are you a web design firm? Choose Weebly for your content management system and easily manage dozens of websites. Use the centralized dashboard to manage bundles and define roles and permissions for the sites you build for clients.

Go global with confidence

Get support when, where and how you need it

Weebly is available in 15 languages to meet the needs of customers all over the world. You'll also get the same promise of unmatched service: 1-on-1 support, detailed documentation, help articles, videos, live webcasts, and a vibrant community of tens of thousands of peers, all ready to lend a hand when you need it.