Form Builder

A form builder that will grow your audience

Gather data and manage submissions with the drag and drop form builder

The form builder makes it easy to create, manage and customize contact forms, RSVP lists and surveys to gather data from your online visitors. It integrates these elements into your website to help you get input from prospective customers and clients. The drag and drop functionality allows you to control the design and create a positive brand touchpoint with your visitors.

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Flexibility and Control

Customize your form's design and set its conditions

Set up your forms with drag and drop design and add fields like text boxes, drop down menus and checkboxes. Choose a form type and style to configure the colors, fonts, text and other options depending on your objectives, and decide which types of visitors will see the form (such as first time visitors or returning visitors). You can also control which types of devices see the form (mobile or desktop) in order to maximize your visitors' engagement and response rate.

Review and Collect Data

Receive notifications of form submissions

The online form builder makes it easy to store and access your form responses. When a visitor completes a form, you can receive an email to the address of your choice with the data. The information is also stored on your website's dashboard for quick and easy review, which can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis. For more powerful elements, you can also set up forms to accepts documents, pictures and other file uploads from your visitors, as well as customize the confirmation message that visitors see when a submission is made.

Generate Leads

Prompt visitors to take action on your site while automatically syncing your new leads

With the Lead Capture tool, you can add a beautiful yet simple way to get visitors to subscribe, sign up or take another type of action right on your site. Within the form creator, you can choose between a Popup form (loads in a small window on top of your website) or a Smart Bar (anchored to the top of your website like a banner). To organize leads, you have the option of creating groups of contacts that sync automatically whenever a visitor completes an online form.

Add a Newsletter Sign-Up Form

Allow your website visitors to quickly and easily sign up for your newsletter

Want your website's visitors to get all of your latest updates? The Newsletter element is a simple, integrated solution — people can opt in right from your site so they'll never miss a beat. The Newsletter element is pre-configured as a sign-up form so you can get it set up quickly, and if you do want more customization, you can edit the form and instantly save and publish it to your site to start capturing email addresses right away.