Website Statistics

Get detailed website statistics

Understand how visitors interact with your website

How many people have visited your website? What are they clicking on? The answers are easy to find with Weebly's website statistics. See what pages a user visited, what search terms they use and where traffic came from right from your dashboard. Understanding what is happening on your website helps you better serve your visitors.

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Stats in real time

See what's happening on your website right now

Your website traffic is calculated in real-time so you can keep a close eye on your data and traffic patterns. For even deeper insight into your web stats, Weebly makes it easy to add Google Analytics code for advanced website tracking. Create a free Google Analytics account and add the tracking code in the Weebly Editor. Paste the tracking code from Google in the Header Code box of the SEO section (found in the settings tab).

Easy to understand

Statistics dashboard uses charts and graphs to track traffic

Keep up with page views (number of pages visited), unique visitors (individual website users), pages with the most visits, search terms and sites that are sending traffic your way. A snapshot of your website's most important metrics are displayed directly in the Dashboard. View each category within a specific time period to see trends over time, and even compare different time periods, in a visual format with charts. Expand the stats from the Dashboard for even more detailed information in a simple, rank-based format.

Check your analytics from anywhere

Instant access to your website's performance

Weebly's popular mobile apps allow you to access statistics from any device so you can stay on top of trends on-the-go or from the office.