Create a Blog

How to create a blog in minutes with Weebly

You don't have to be a web developer to get your blog online

There are plenty of reasons to start a blog, to attract an audience, establish an online authority for your website, or to tell your brand's story. Luckily, Weebly makes it easy to create a professional blog that stands alone or integrates with your online store.

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Start with a free template

Blog templates can stand alone or integrate with other pages

Weebly has a collection of free and responsive blog templates that you can add to your website or online store. Every template looks beautiful from the start and can be customized to fit your design and website goals.

Create content quickly

Drag and drop elements are easy to use

Learning how to create a blog is simple with tools that let you focus on the content. The flexible drag and drop interface lets you create a blog design that you can see right on the screen. Quickly add elements for categories, author information or archives with just a few clicks so you can start publishing posts.

Find your people

Built-in SEO tools to help readers find your blog

All the tools you need to show up in search engines are built into the Weebly blog tool. Powerful search engine optimization options are a key component of creating a blog, so you can find your audience. After all, telling your story to real people is the reason you’re writing a blog in the first place. Add custom URLs, title tags and meta descriptions and keywords to every post to help drive search traffic. Include a custom header and footer on blog pages for even greater search optimization.

Integrate photo, video and more

Create a blog with a photo journal, video or text posts

Weebly tools have plenty of integrations so that you can post any type of content to your blog. Easily create a blog with photos, video and text for any type of content using drag and drop blocks located right in the Weebly Editor.

Customize every part of your blog

Design a blog to be exactly what you envision

Weebly tools give you full control over your blog post structure with category, tag and sidebar customizations. These elements help readers interact with your content. In addition, you can turn off or on commenting and allow users to sign in with popular tools such as Disqus or Facebook. If you can imagine it for your blog, you can make it happen with Weebly.