Image Editor

Make your images stand out

Create vivid experiences for visitors with a feature-rich Image Editor

Did you know that articles that include relevant images get, on average, 94% more views than those without? Images matter to your site's visitors, so we've introduced an HTML5-based Image Editor that's faster, able to handle uploads from any camera or smartphone and includes powerful image editing tools accessible right from your browser. To get started using the Image Editor, drag the Image Element onto any page on your site and select Edit Image.

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Advanced editing right in the browser

Turn everyday images into works of art

The Image Editor offers a variety of ways to add punch to your images. For example, you can crop, flip or change the aspect ratio to highlight photos in different ways. Or you can add one of 29 filters to introduce effects, adjust focus and color, or embed text. And since all these features are coded in HTML5 and available directly in the browser, there's no checking to make sure you have the latest version of Flash before editing.

Find the photo you need, fast

Don't have your own photos to upload? We have you covered
Our extensive photo library is indexed and includes both free-use and paid photos. Just enter the type of photo you're looking for into the searchable database, download what you need and then drag and drop onto your site. Creating a powerful visual experience for your visitors couldn't be easier.

Create a gallery or slideshow

Don't just add photos — bring them to life
Whether you’re a photographer, or just have beautiful photos to show off, you can use the Gallery element to tell a story with pictures. Drop in your photos and let us do the rest, including adding links to larger versions of each photo in your gallery. For a slideshow, choose your photos and the style of slideshow you'll want (e.g. thumbnails on bottom, top, or none at all) and then set the controls for how fast your slides will play, and whether they'll play automatically or only respond to visitors who click to see more.

Improve SEO with alt text

Describe your images and get found more often

When search engines scan images on your site they look for code known as "alt text" that's meant to describe the scene in an image. Screen readers use this text to audibly describe what's on a screen for the visually impaired. What does all this have to do with SEO? Relevant "alt text" that properly describes images while also hitting on keywords on the page are more likely to get Google's attention. To add "alt text" to any image, click on the Image element to bring up the options, click on advanced, and write your text in the "alt text" field.

Enhance your email marketing

Add, edit images and galleries in Weebly Promote

The new Image Editor is also available for email marketing with Weebly Promote. Add a headline image, a gallery or background images for different sections of your email message, all with the same drag and drop simplicity. If you can do it online with a Weebly website, you can do it in email with Weebly Promote.