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Anyone can create a website with drag and drop tools

Weebly includes powerful tools so you have everything you need to build a website for anything from a blog to an online store. Every design starts with a professional, responsive template so it not only works, but looks beautiful on every device. Launch your website today without any technical skills β€” and join the 50 million idea-starters who used Weebly to get online.

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Choose a domain and template

Get online in a few clicks

When it comes to getting online, start by choosing a customizable, responsive template and a domain name (that's the URL) for your website. You can register a domain directly from Weebly β€” then choose a template that represents your unique brand.

Start designing your website

Drag and drop tools are easy and efficient

Almost anyone can create a website with drag and drop tools. Once you create a Weebly account, pick a template to get started and add content elements from the drag and drop editor to the design. You find elements for text, photos, maps, video and more. Edit each block just like you would in a word processor and see text changes happen right in your browser in real time.

Endless customizations for your website

Add videos, image and custom headers

Weebly allows anyone to make a website that's unique with customizable image and color background and elements. With high-quality video background, image and custom header options, every part of the design is yours. You can take it a step further with custom slideshows, colors and your brand logo as well.

Get support from the Weebly Community

Weebly veterans and customer success agents at your fingertips

You can find almost anything you are looking for in the Weebly Community. The large forum includes questions, answers and conversations from other Weebly website owners and designers as well as customer success agents. You can find information about how to use Weebly, how to support your business and even give feedback on products and services. Threads are arranged by topic and any user can join a conversation or ask questions.

Resolve issues in the Help Center

Articles, tutorials and customer support to the rescue

Sometimes you might need to customize your website design and run into a problem. From a trick you can't figure out to something that's not quite working, the Help Center is packed with articles and information to walk your through the process. Topics include tips for getting started with a new Weebly website, how to set up your website for eCommerce, building the design, integrating email marketing and more.