Email Marketing

Turn visitors into buyers with email marketing

Create engaging messages in just a few clicks

Email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media marketing when it comes to attracting sales. Not only that, but every $1 spent on email marketing returns $43 in sales, on average. That's because 86% of consumers say they want to receive monthly promotional emails. Reach them with Weebly Marketing, a simple yet powerful toolkit for modern email marketing.

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Set-up automated emails

Create sends based on certain actions

As a Weebly Marketing Grow or Accelerate customer, you can trigger your email sends based on important visitor actions. This is an effective way to engage your audience and provide incentives to prospective customers. There are various triggers you can select based on your visitor’s actions, for example, automated birthday messages. What’s even better? These automated emails do not count towards your plan’s regular email limit, so send happily.

Add store products or categories instantly

Import you website’s information

Use Weebly Marketing’s Product element to instantly add products or categories to your email in just a few clicks. Instead of manually re-creating information, you can connect directly to an existing product or category and the associated images and descriptions will be automatically added to your email. Plus, it’s easy to arrange visual elements to get the look and feel you want. Weebly Marketing features the same drag and drop builder that you used to create your website. Grab and arrange visual elements to create a unique design.

Beautiful, professionally designed templates

Choose the format that fits your brand and style

Weebly Marketing offers a range of pre-designed templates available for a variety of different email types, including newsletters, promotions, product announcements and events. You can also preview your design on any screen: desktop, mobile or plain text, ensuring your recipients see just the right content. Pro tip: save your work as a custom template to use with future email marketing campaigns.

Build your list and grow

Connect to a variety of sources

Your contact list drives your email marketing. Weebly Marketing provides two ways to build your email list. Import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo! or MailChimp by uploading a csv. Or, sync your Weebly contacts directly. One-click integration makes it easy to add customers who've ordered from you, signed up for a newsletter or joined your membership site to your email list. You can also use the new Newsletter Form element to create a contact form specific to your email list.

Reach the right audience

Schedule and segment to improve effectiveness

A good email list is a starting point. Take the next step by using Weebly Marketing to segment your list into groups. That way, repeat customers who may not need to be enticed with a deep discount don't get the email intended for visitors who abandoned their shopping carts. Segment between customers, visitors, blog readers and more to ensure your email gets to the right people at the right time. You can also schedule emails over a period of time to keep your pitches fresh. Finally, keeping your blog readers up to date is easy with the Blog Element. In just a few clicks, you can create an eye-catching email using content pulled directly from your blog.

Measure your success

Track every open, click and view

Weebly Marketing includes a built-in dashboard for for visually tracking every email from every campaign. Check opens, clicks and views. Do certain products need a new campaign? Is a certain style of email working better than others? With Weebly Marketing, you'll know.