Site Search

Help Users Find Items with Site Search

From locating key content to finding the products, search is a must

Site search is one of the most valuable components on your website. Site search helps visitors find content or products on your website. A box – often at the top or bottom of pages – allows visitors to easily look for information or specific products on your website or online store quickly.

Using the search box, visitors can enter a word or phrase to search your entire site, with immediate results that match your global settings. If the search finds no match, a simple message lets visitors know that no results were found so they can try another query.

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Improve Your Website Design

Visitors can quickly discover what they're looking for

Weebly's site search is smart and reads multiple elements of your website content. The search bar uses text in paragraphs, titles and eCommerce elements, page names, descriptions, keywords, photo captions and alt tags to determine which results should be displayed. So make sure you label, title and describe elements throughout your site content to maximize the efficiency of search results.

Easily Add Search to the Header or Footer

Include on multiple pages

Did you know that more than 30 percent of online shoppers will use site search if it is available? Make the most of your header or footer and add a search bar in one or both locations. Add site search to multiple – or all – pages on your website so that users can stop and search for items at any time.

Boost Your Online Sales

Online customers who use site search are shopping with intent

Site search does more than help users find items or information on your website, it can also encourage users to make a purchase. Customers who are searching for something specific have conversion rates that are up to 50 percent higher than the average shopper, according to research from Econsultancy.

Add Site Search with Drag and Drop Tool

Easy implementation, huge impact

Adding website search is one of the easiest customizations you will make on your website. Just click the Search element from the Editor and drop it into the location where you want visitors to search. When a visitor enters something into the search box, they will get a new page with results, which use the fonts and colors match the rest of your website design.