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Technically, registering a domain for your website or online store is easy. The hard part is ensuring that whatever domain name you choose is unique and easily identifiable. How to do this? First, make your domain name easy to pronounce. Second, make sure your domain name reflects your brand and what your website does. Finally, if possible, use a top-level domain suffix such as .com or .net to maximize traffic. Weebly can help you get set up with or connect your site to a new domain in just a few clicks.

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Buy your .com, .net, .org, .info, or .co domain for as little as $12.57 annually when you purchase through Weebly. Alternatively, transfer your existing domain to use with your new site. Just visit the Domain page in your account information, click transfer, enter your domain name and wait for the green check mark signifying your domain is eligible for transfer. Follow a few final technical steps (detailed here) to complete the process. Weebly handles everything under the hood.

More domain name choices for your website

Stand out with creative name

A custom domain usually means trying a suffix other than .com or .net. Weebly offers support for domains that also end in .org (usually for nonprofits), .info (for those that provide information), and .co (short for "company" but also a shorter version of .com). So if you want to try something different, get creative with your domain. You could also turn your domain name into an easy to remember rhyme. Weebly makes it easy to sign up for a catchy domain that fits your brand and shows up in Google and other search engines.

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With everything hosted for you — including free hosting for your custom domain — Weebly lets you get online instantly and start reaching your customers. And you retain full control of not only your website, but also your information with private domain registration. Everything you need to start your something, all in one easy-to-use platform; that's the power of Weebly.