Video Background

Feature a Video on Your Homepage

Engage visitors with video backgrounds

Video is perfect for grabbing visitors attention on your website. You can use it on your online store, portfolio or personal blog to tell the story of your small business or personal brand. Weebly allows you to upload or embed a video background on any page and create flexible video headers.

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Put Videos Right on Your Site

Embed or host background videos with Weebly

Add custom video to your Weebly site without having to connect a third-party app. Direct video uploads automatically convert for optimum playback straight from your website (no coding or technical knowledge required). The best part is embedded high-quality videos are hosted within your website and users won't have to click or download links or specific files to view the content. (When uploading video, just make sure the file is 1GB or smaller in size and is one of the following formats -- MOV, MP4, M4V, WMV.)

YouTube & Vimeo Integration

Embedding video from other sites is a breeze

If you are already using a video service such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can connect videos to your Weebly website using the embed tool. Just adjust the spacing and presentation elements from your dashboard to embed a video and show it in the Weebly video player. Click, click, done!

Customize Your Video Background

Add colors and animation options with a few clicks

Every video background is fully customizable. All you have to do is click the section where you want to add a video and then Edit Background from the Weebly Editor. Select whether the video should play on a loop and how it should behave on scroll.

Choose from a Gallery of Videos

Find the perfect video background from ready-to-use options

Don't have video of your own, but want to make sure you have a video background? Add the HD Video element to your design and choose from a gallery of curated videos to make it stand out. Use these options in the flexible header to grab users with high-quality moving images.