eCommerce SEO

Reach more customers faster with eCommerce SEO

Don't just build your online store, make it easy to find

Search engines are your website's best friend: over a third of online shoppers use Google, Bing and others to find products to buy. Weebly makes it easy to reach these prospects with built-in features for eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Start with a eCommerce customizable theme, update your local business listing, then create rich snippets for your best selling products. Write descriptive, keyword-driven titles and page descriptions and customize your page URLs to match. Embed YouTube videos and link back to relevant content and products, and make sure it's rendered responsively on mobile devices. Finally, track the metrics that matter most to your business. SEO is as an ever-evolving practice.

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Customizable themes

Professionally designed and built to help you sell

Weebly has hundreds of eCommerce themes to give your store a unique look and feel. And since every theme is professionally designed and built from the ground up with the essential elements for attracting customers, you won't start from a blank page or wonder what to add to get shoppers and search engines paying attention. It's all there and easily customizable. Try an immersive, photo-driven experience like Slick or a minimalist theme like Malmo.

Custom navigation

Show your shoppers where to go and what to buy

Every one of Weebly's eCommerce templates includes beautiful navigation tools for guiding shoppers to the pages you'll want them to visit most. Use a table of contents to engage shoppers in a hurry, try drop-down menus for the browsers who'll hang out a while and embed contextual and image links to keep shoppers engaged on every page. You can also easily add image Alt tags to better describe the look and functions of every product. In each case, you're not only helping shoppers but also giving search engines crucial signals for where to send prospects who'll visit your site.

Rich snippets

Highlight what makes your products special

Snippets are rich when they show up in searches with more detail than you expect: a full description, a price and maybe even an accompanying thumbnail image. Creating them usually requires coding all the descriptive detail as "structured data markup." Or you could let Weebly do the work for you. Just fill out the key attributes — name, price, description, SKU (if you have one) and an image — when adding new products to your eCommerce catalog. We'll use that information to insert metadata in the HTML of your site and produce rich snippets for each product you sell, increasing the odds of getting clicks and closing sales.

Set up Title Tags and Meta Description

Give customers a reason to click through

You should create a custom title tag for every single product page. This is the headline that tells Google and your visitors what the page is about, and our Page Editor makes it easy to create. The meta description is similar: a short piece of text that summarizes the content of your page. Every entry on a search engine results page (SERP) is derived from a title tag (i.e., a headline) and a meta description (i.e., a compelling one-liner 150-160 characters in length). When writing your title tags and meta descriptions in Weebly, think of whether you'd click if you read your content on a SERP. Is there a reasonable call to action? If so, would you respond? Good SEO practice is to revise until the answer is "yes."

URL optimization

Make it easier for search engines to find your best pages
For every page you create in Weebly, you should customize the URL to match the page topic and the keywords you want to target. Our Page Editor makes this essential SEO practice simple. Select the advanced options and enter any combination of letters and numbers that you want but keep it as close to your page's dedicated SEO title and description (see above) possible and save. Google should notice the consistency and award your page a higher ranking in results.

Embed video

Show off your products, improve your search results

The more optimized your eCommerce content, the more likely it is your store will show up in search engine results. Include everything, including the videos you've embedded to demonstrate your products. Start by posting your videos to YouTube with a strong headline that includes your primary keyword plus tags relevant not only to the video but also your eCommerce site. Why? YouTube itself is one of the world's top search engines, and videos posted there perform best in Google search pages. They're also easy to embed at your Weebly site.

Internal links

Help shoppers discover your best offers
Creating a text link on your homepage to a product page is a powerful way to send Google's PageRank to that page and help it rank. It's also useful for visitors because you're directing them to a product page that they may be interested in instead of waiting for them to find it by navigating around your site. Be creative. Our website editor makes it easy to insert links throughout your eCommerce site to keep traffic flowing to the right products.

Reach customers where they are

Make buying simple from any device
All themes are automatically responsive and load quickly, perfect for mobile SEO. The hard part is making sure your eCommerce content just as relevant and readable on an Android device or iPhone as it would be on a desktop. Imagine if you were a new visitor that found your site after Googling it on his or her phone. Is it readable? Does it make sense? Use the mobile preview tool to step into the shoes of your customers and revise until the look and feel is right. We'll do the rest in the background to make sure Google loves the mobile version of your site.

Built to be seen

Use tools to keep track of where you stand
Search engines fine tune how they rank websites all the time. With Weebly, your eCommerce site is optimized automatically, so you'll never have to worry about which algorithms are changing. You'll also get advanced tools to help track performance and get real-time SEO scores to help climb the ranks in Google and other search engines.