Make your own coupon

Create your own coupons to close more sales

Bring new business with the coupon builder

The coupon builder lets you offer coupons to your customers as incentives to buy your products. Over 60% of shoppers look for coupons before making a purchase.* The coupon builder is an important tool to capture these sales. Control the type of discount, length of time the coupon is available and type of order to create your own high-powered coupon codes.

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Simple setup for customizable coupons

Control everything you need to build a unique coupon program
Create a custom coupon program in just a few steps. First, set the discount type, either by percentage, dollar or free shipping (10% vs. $20 off for example). You can also limit the number of customers who can use the code and use that in your marketing (available for the first 50 customers!). Other coupon control options include setting an expiration date for redemption, which you can use to not only incentivize activation, but prevent abuse of coupon offers. You can also make coupon codes that never expire. Next, decide which products or services can be discounted with the coupon. Options include all orders, orders over a certain dollar amount or certain store categories and products. Finally, set your own coupon code so customers can redeem it. You can customize the code with your own branding to make it easier for customers to redeem and to help market your business.

Coupon builder integrates into checkout for easy adoption

Customize every part of the checkout experience
Once you build the coupon, the checkout screen on your website will include a field to enter a coupon code, making it easy for customers to use the code without any additional setup. The coupon box integrates seamless with your shopping cart design and looks great on mobile and desktop.

Free shipping

Use the coupon builder to offer free shipping
Free shipping is a powerful tool to incentivize an action on your store. UPS reported that over 90% of shoppers take action to qualify for a free shipping offer. With the coupon builder you can use this powerful incentive to grow sales. You can offer coupon codes to provide free shipping on specific products or orders over a certain amount, to ensure the coupon makes financial sense for your business while remaining attractive to your customers.

Promote your coupon

All the marketing tools you need to get your coupon to customers

While coupons can drive sales, you need to get the offer to the right audience. Weebly’s platform has everything you need to market your coupon programs. Weebly Promote lets you send coupon offers to your mailing list via smart email marketing programs, while you can use text elements on your homepage to add coupon codes onto the homepage to create limited time offers and coupon CTAs. You can also post coupon codes on social with automatic posting to sites like Facebook and Twitter along with other social media tools to get coupon awareness out to your audience.