Custom Gift Cards

Create and sell custom gift cards

Get the sales boost your business deserves

Attract new customers and drive sales with Weebly’s custom gift card builder. Generate buzz around your online store with custom gift cards that encourage shoppers to check out your inventory and make a purchase.

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Build custom gift cards with ease

Weebly walks you through it
Making a gift card is simple. Simply enter a name for the card, upload an image (or use our stock image), and then offer different denominations, configured as product options. For example, you might offer a $10, a $25, and a $50 gift card. You can also have your gift card appear as a navigation link. If someone wants to buy a gift from your store but they can’t decide what to get, they can opt to buy a gift card.

Increase engagement

Engage customers and keep them coming back

Who doesn’t love a good gift card? Studies show that about ⅔ of customers spend 38% more than the value of their gift card. Nothing like a great boost of sales and a happy customer who will be back to buy more! Make sure to offer gift cards that are higher than your lowest price point, that way a customer is encouraged to buy more than one thing. For instance, if you offer a gift card for $15 and a customer buys an item for $10, they’ll want to shop for more to use the entire value of their gift card.

Build brand awareness

Remind customers they have money to spend at your store
A gift card is basically a walking advertisement. Plus, digital gift cards aren’t easy to lose. More than a few people have lost a physical gift card and lost out on free money at a great store. With an e-gift card, customers can receive a gift card within seconds and be on your online store just as fast. Since a gift card doesn’t cost you money like a discount does, you save money by offering them. In short, gift cards are a cost effective way to promote your business and gain new customers.

Shift sales to slow season

Make a lasting impact with gift cards
Don’t forget to create your own custom gift cards during the holiday season to help boost sales and create returning customers. Gift cards are a great way to bring people onto your online store where they can finally treat themselves after shopping for everyone else. They’re also a great tool to help create a consistent flow of business.