TLS Certificate

Give your customers peace of mind with secure transactions

Help your shoppers feel secure about spending their time and money with you by providing TLS security

Want more online sales? Help your shoppers feel secure about spending their time and money with you. Providing TLS security will go a long way. With Weebly, you're in good hands: every one of our websites includes a custom TLS certificate. Activate it in a few clicks and you'll secure every transaction, every time, night or day.

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Wait, but what is TLS?

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security.

You may find references to both SSL and TLS throughout the Internet. They both refer to cryptographic protocols that provide authentication and data encryption between servers, machines and applications. TLS is the latest technology in security and replaces SSL. Weebly uses TLS as a standard protocol for our security certificates so you can rest assure that your data and your customers’ data is safe.

Industrial-grade TLS protection

Keep your customers' data safe with the same technology that big retailers use.
We start with the best encryption available. Personal data exposed to the Transport Layer Security, or "TLS" certificate, included with your Weebly site is scrambled using the newest and most widely deployed security protocol. It's the same industrial-strength protection employed by multinational corporations and even some portions of the U.S. government. Every transaction is locked tight with an encryption "key" that's randomly generated, making it virtually impossible to guess.

Checkout right from your domain

Make TLS security seamless
The beauty of TLS (SSL) security is that website owners who offer it can check out customers from the same domain where they host goods. To get this feature, website owners must have a real-world identity that can be verified. That way, shoppers feel safe knowing that the vendor they're dealing with β€” you! β€” is a living, breathing entrepreneur with a reputation to uphold and bills to pay. And that's important: no one wants to get cheated by a fake website impersonating your brand.

Trust you can verify

Don't keep visitors guessing

Your eCommerce site's TLS (SSL) certificate will be indicated in browser windows by https and a lock icon in the address bar, letting shoppers know they're protected. And if they still aren't sure? Clicking the lock icon takes users to a screen with even more detailed information, such as whether the site collects cookies or allows for stored passwords. Bottom line: Weebly's TLS security is designed to be fully transparent to give shoppers peace of mind.

Simple setup

A few clicks to happier customers and a more secure store

Finally, setting up TLS Security is easy. Log into the Site Editor and click the General tab to get started. You'll provide some identifying information about yourself and your site. You may also have to notify your third-party domain registrar if you didn't use Weebly to claim your URL, but overall, it's a simple process you'll complete in minutes β€” a small price to pay to keep your customers safe and happy.