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Experience exceptional site speed and reliability with Weebly's free eCommerce hosting service. The cloud based hosting infrastructure ensures optimal performance and provides a fluid online experience for visitors to your online store. Ready to get started? Sign Up Now and take a tour of the additional plans and features available to make your online store stand out.

A modern, scalable infrastructure

For growing businesses that need more than a small piece of a single server

What would happen if your website shared space with CNN? Disk space and computing power typically reserved for your site would dissolve with every breaking news story, right? This happens all the time, unfortunately. Most eCommerce hosting companies pack dozens or even hundreds of customers on one server in hopes of maximizing profits. We approach it differently at Weebly, using every server and system we have to make sure your site and millions more like it are always operating at peak performance

No ads, ever

Get your message through without distractions

Use another free hosting provider for online stores and you'll often be forced to dump unwanted ads on your visitors. Not here. At Weebly, we give you a clean look and total control of your message and let you decide if ads should be part of the story.

Import your existing store

Keep what works, change what doesn't

Maybe you've already started selling to customers using a different online store hosting company. Preview what it would look like by importing it. Support for transferring from Etsy and Shopify are available now. Or, create and upload a CSV file directly into Weebly's online store hosting platform for fast and easy setup. From there, it's easy to adjust and tweak your design using the intuitive site editor.

Performance and availability guaranteed

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Our powerful, comprehensive and proven infrastructure ensures your online store loads fast and remains live under any conditions, providing the valuable peace of mind you'll need to pursue your goals as a creative entrepreneur. And if something goes wrong? We'll act fast to fix it — performance and availability are always top priorities at Weebly.

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Our customer success team works seven days a week from cities around the U.S. and a handful of overseas locations. Get help via live chat from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST during the weekdays, or from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST on the weekends. Or, if your problem occurs outside business hours, enter a Support Ticket and we'll address your problem as soon as someone is available. Premium members on the Pro plan or higher can call our support line at 1-844-493-3259, also during business hours. No matter how or when you reach out, we're here to make sure your eCommerce website performs the way you expect.