Inventory Management

Manage your products anytime, anywhere with inventory management tools

Track inventory on desktop or mobile while encouraging sales

With Weebly's order management system you can manage a handful or hundreds of products. Track inventory and manage supply, show customers the number of items remaining to create urgency and boost buying behavior (e.g. only 2 left!) and automatically update shoppers when items are out of stock. Inventory management tools make it easy for you to keep track of what's in stock and ready to ship while contributing to a better user experience for your customers.

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Create urgency

Show customers if an item is close to running out

Did you know shoppers might be willing to make a purchase right away if they fear that it will no longer be available? According to a study by personalization company Qubit, stores that made a product scarce in some way had the highest conversions. Weebly inventory management tools allow you to show how many items are in stock and include a badge to let customers know when a product is on sale or out of stock. These tools can help shoppers who are undecided make a purchase to avoid missing out, increasing your online revenue.

Import and export products

Manage inventory across multiple platforms

If you like to see sales in an offline spreadsheet or sell products in other marketplaces such as Etsy or Amazon, Product Import and Export allows you to make bulk changes and see data a CSV format. It's perfect for shops with a large number of products to track or sellers that work in multiple locations online (and in person).

Sync with Square payment and shop

Connect online shops for a seamless user experience

Keep track of two online shops at once with Weebly + Square. Integrating both tools allows you to process credit cards online or in person and sync inventory between Weebly and Square shops. With sync activated, any time inventory changes in Square, it is also adjusted in Weebly. This feature makes tracking online and offline inventory at the same time a breeze. Square is now available for all paid plans in the US, including Starter and Pro.

Organize products with categories

Make it simple for shoppers to find items
A powerful inventory management tool allows you to keep track of items while showing shoppers exactly what they are looking for. Keep your shop organized with categories to do both things at the same time. Products can be organized into multiple categories so users can filter products without making a mess of your inventory. You can adjust categories as needed.

Manage orders like a pro

Keep track of inventory with ease

Managing orders can be one of the toughest jobs for a small business owner. Weebly inventory management tools take the worry out of the process. In the store dashboard, you can see and search products and orders by product name, category, SKU, product description and product type. Filter by status so you can see the number of in-stock items at a glance.