eCommerce Themes

Modern eCommerce website design and templates

Everything you need to build a beautiful online store and grow business

Choose from a wide variety of modern and unique eCommerce website templates and color palette combinations to design the perfect look for your online store. Showcase featured products, categorize items for easy browsing, customize fonts, and define photo display options to create an eCommerce website design that drives sales and new business.

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Control the entire layout

Powerful customization tools give you full control over each eCommerce template
Customize headers, color schemes, element blocks and all major web design elements from an intuitive interface. Combine these customizable elements for infinite eCommerce design options. You’re in command, with powerful tools at your fingertips, to design an online store unique to your business.

Professional eCommerce templates and themes

A wide range of professionally designed eCommerce templates to get you started

Get a head start by building your eCommerce website from a professionally designed theme base. With world class design elements placed into the theme, you can decide what you want to keep and what needs to go and create something beautiful, without starting from a blank page. Try a minimalist, modern design template like Clean Lines or a bolder, more colorful theme like Brisk.

Make the design yours

Flexible templates for truly unique design elements
Nothing is out of reach – every eCommerce template features an advanced theme editor that offers full HTML and CSS control for custom development from the ground up. All templates are fully responsive and look great on any device. You’re free to add custom javascript and even upload your own theme build from scratch.

Custom navigation

Universal navigation elements on every theme

Every eCommerce template includes tools you need to create beautiful navigation. Drop-down menus, table of contents, contextual links and image links all make your store UI stand out and lets shoppers find the right content at the right time.

Show off your products

Create beautiful product and category pages

Next-Level design with sections and layouts

Building blocks for great eCommerce website design

The unique sections feature allows you to build a totally unique layout for each page. Take a minimalist approach to site design and use whitespace to make products stand out. Building blocks for a site you can build. Layouts predefine pieces so you don’t have to start from scratch with elements of your site like about or contact pages. Once you find a page you like, it’s easy to copy elements or entire page layout to other places so you can create more pages and pieces without hassle.

Mobile checkout design

Purchase from any device
You’ll also look great on mobile, with responsive mobile checkout and mobile-first design on every page. More than 50% of Weebly store transactions happen on mobile, so our eCommerce themes put extra focus on the mobile experience. Weebly’s eCommerce website templates let visitors can make a purchase from any device, and our built with mobile in mind. Additional mobile tools include integration with Apple Pay and Android Pay so your customers can use their mobile device to checkout from your store in seconds.

The freedom to test and remix

Try on different themes and styles without losing content
Flexibility is important. You deserve the freedom to try on new themes and ideas without feeling restricted. Weebly’s eCommerce templates are fully flexible, so you can swap an old theme for a new theme without losing your work. Everything is changeable while maintaining your content so you can experiment with new colors and themes without worrying about starting from scratch.

Image editor

Make your photos stand out
Images matter for an online business. The photo editor allows you to edit photos directly in the eCommerce website design editor. This way you can quickly upload photos from your phone, camera or computer and edit and publish them in Weebly. Crop, filter, add text and much more.