Shipping Tools

Make shipping simple with smart shipping tools

Shipping tools you can use today with dynamic cost calculations and customized rates.

Whether you're shipping products across town or around the globe, shipping rates vary widely according to where you're sending the package, when it needs to arrive, how it's packaged and whether a carrier charges by weight or a flat fee. Fortunately, Weebly's Real Time Shipping (RTS) tools eliminate the hassle to make shipping simple for eCommerce sites. When you use RTS, the carrier calculates shipping rates when a customer checks out then displays the correct shipping rate to the customer. That way you don’t lose time or money charging the wrong rate.

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Enable Real Time Shipping

Shipping rates are dynamically determined by the carrier

RTS enables carriers to automatically determine shipping rates according to the weight of the products in each order and how many boxes are required to ship them. To use Weebly's shipping, you need a shipping address in North America. Next, connect to a carrier and select a default shipping box (by size or maximum weight). You can use a default box set by Weebly or create your own. Then just enter the weights of all your shippable products. To give your business a boost, Weebly has negotiated special U.S. shipping rates for RTS users with the United States Post Office and DHL. You can also connect to your own account at DHL, FedEx, or UPS to ship products internationally. When an order is placed, use the free Shippo third-party app to purchase shipping labels for the orders.

Note: RTS requires the Weebly Performance plan and the Shippo third-party app.

Select a starting point

Intuitive tools make it easy to add or edit a shipping address

Your shipping address is your starting point: It's the place you ship your orders from. It can be a different location from your business, such as a warehouse, but you can have only one shipping address. Weebly tools make it simple to select your business address as your shipping address, or to enter a new shipping address for a separate location. You can also edit your shipping address any time. Tax Note: Some states require you to collect tax on your orders if you have a physical location in that state. You can find more information here.

Define shipping areas

Select locations around the globe where you want to do business

The farther away an order is sent, the more you're likely to charge for shipping. Weebly streamlines the process with tools that let you set shipping rates for a group of locations — such as a state, country or region — called shipping areas. For example, you could set a shipping area for New York, for the Continental U.S., or for all of North America. Weebly supports international shipping, so all you have to do is decide where you want to send your products.

Set shipping rates

You're in control of how much to charge

Once you define shipping areas, you're ready to set a shipping rate for each location, which is how much a customer will pay to ship an order to that place. RTS enables carriers to automatically determine shipping rates and display the estimated shipping charge to the customer. Another option is to use the manual shipping rate feature to set up free shipping or other deals to incentivize larger purchases. For example, you can choose a flat rate for all orders shipped to a certain area, or set up tiered rates based on an item's price, the number of items in an order or the total weight of all items in an order. You can also have multiple rates for each shipping area.

Note: RTS requires the Business plan

Change shipping rates and areas

Modify shipping rates as your eCommerce business grows

If your carrier changes its shipping rates, or your business evolves, you may need to change the way you define shipping areas and charge for delivery. Fortunately, this is easy to do in Weebly. To edit, rename, or delete a shipping area, simply click the three dots to the right of the shipping area name. If you want to change a rate within a shipping area, just click on the Edit link for the rate. Wherever you're shipping products, Weebly has a wide variety of tools and options to support your customers' shopping journeys with maximum ease and minimum hassle.