How Rich Snippets Can Help You Sell More Online

Making it easier for shoppers to search for and find your products can be the difference between eCommerce success and failure. Rich snippets can help.

Chances are you see rich snippets anytime you search for something on Google. Think of them as advanced catalog listings. Instead of single line of linked text, a rich snippet will usually include some description and perhaps a price in a boxed result. (The "snippet," if you will.) Here's how Docking Drawer uses rich snippets to snag more business:

Creating Rich Snippets the Easy Way

See the price options? By adding descriptive details about the product line, pricing, links for where to buy and highlighting benefits such as free shipping in search results, Docking Drawer gives shoppers reasons to click through and make a purchase.

Making a snippet to better advertise a product in your eCommerce store manually requires code called "structured data markup." Specifically, you'll tag and describe the scope, type and property of every item for which you want a snippet that shows up in search results.

Adding a full catalog of products can get tiring when coding all the markup by hand. Fortunately, we automate most of the work for you. Just fill out the key attributes—name, price, description, SKU (if you have one) and an image—when adding new products to your catalog. We'll use that information to insert metadata in the HTML and produce rich snippets for each product you sell, increasing the odds of getting clicks and closing sales.


How Rich Snippets and Great SEO Affect Search Results, and Profits

Google and its peers like rich snippets for a very basic reason: the web is huge. The more work you to do to let search engines know what's important on your site, the more likely it is those elements will rank higher in search results. Rich snippets signal importance in the same way strategic use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) speaks to how you want searchers to find your site.

In the case of Docking Drawer, strong SEO techniques make it easier for customers and prospects to find out what they sell, how much it costs and why it might be useful. These same tactics also help set the company apart when looking through a variety of search results. Docking Drawer has built awesome Q+A pages with content that answer important questions that customers search for before making a purchasing decision.

For example, search for "drawer power strip" and you'll get a list of links to "how-to" articles below a handful of Google Shopping results, three of which feature Docking Drawer's products. Scroll down just a little farther and you'll find the answer what's sure to be a big question for those considering Docking Drawer: does it comply with U.S. building codes?


Using a combination of rich snippets and great SEO content allows Docking Drawer to answer questions for visitors directly in search results, spurring clicks and enabling enormous growth for the business, which only three years ago earned its first dollar and today ranks as one of our top eCommerce sellers.