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Powerful, Intuitive Builder

Save time creating sites with Weebly’s clear and intuitive interface. Get the power and flexibility you need, paired with an interface that’s so simple, your clients can actually use it themselves.


Killer Dev Workflow

Whether you use Sublime or another code editor, with our RubyGem you can develop without changing your current workflow. Our built-in code editor allows you to view assets, files and see changes as you make them.


Flexible Base Themes

Start with one of our 22 gorgeous base themes to get the flexibility you need to save time. We've built our theming engine using the frameworks you already know and love. Use Mustache, LESS and more to code in an environment you'll enjoy using.


More Features

  • CLIENT MANAGEMENT Beta Keep your clients and their Weebly sites organized by status and priority. Add new clients, manage incoming requests and keep detailed notes in the new Designer Platform interface.
  • CLEAN, RESPONSIVE DESIGN Make gorgeous, responsive sites for your clients with complete control over HTML, CSS and Javascript. Anything you build using our themes is automatically optimized to fit any screen on any device.
  • CLIENT BILLING   Coming Soon Get paid faster with integrated billing and admin tools that let you manage everything in one place, so you can spend less time organizing invoices and more time designing great websites.
  • VIBRANT APP CENTER Enhance your sites with new apps, plug-ins and services from the Weebly App Center. Give your clients unique tools and features without having to code them from scratch yourself.
  • CLEAR, DETAILED DOCS Get the latest documentation on how to use themes, Mustache and LESS. Learn how to customize any aspect of the Weebly theme platform, including eCommerce sites, blogs, shopping cart flows, social icons and more.
  • LIVE SUPPORT You and your clients have the Weebly community by your side with 1-1 customer support, detailed documentation, help articles, videos, live webcasts and more.

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