5 Tools to Help Grow Your Social Media Presence

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Social media is constantly changing, and today's marketers are forced to not only keep up with emerging trends, but also understand what those trends mean and how they impact overall plans and strategies.

Just this month, we've seen a Twitter redesign, Instagram's “Sponsored Post" feature, Facebook's ad mock-ups and GIF comments, YouTube's AR and VR capabilities and Snapchat's self-service ad platform.

With all that at stake, a social media marketer's job would be nearly impossible without the help of some incredible tools and technologies. Now, right at our fingertips, we can access some truly remarkable ways of gathering data, measuring campaigns, creating content and even producing high-quality video with just a few taps. If you're in the social media space, you'll want to know about these tools, and how they can help grow your social media presence.

1. Storyheap​​

Social Media Tools

Instagram Stories currently has 200 million daily active users, and the average Snapchat user spends 30 or more minutes on the app every day. This new content format has taken off in recent years, and it's not going away anytime soon.

Storyheap believes stories are the future, and the tool allows you to “publish, schedule, synchronize and analyze your stories on Snapchat and Instagram." Their analytics dashboard provides insights (views, screenshots, open rate, completion rate, growth) on how your content is performing, even after your Stories expire.

2. MeetEdgar

Social Media Tools

Scheduling tools revolutionized social media management for brands and marketers, but many lack automation and re-sharing, especially with evergreen posts that remain relevant over time.

MeetEdgar is a super-charged social scheduling tool that keeps your content fresh, drives more traffic to your site and increases engagement with followers. It also supports content tags, multiple schedules, a browser extension, link shortening and much more, so if you consistently push out content every day throughout the year, this tool is for you.

3. Automate Ads

Social Media Tools

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of social media today is paid advertising, however, not all marketers are equipped with the technical know-how to set up campaigns, monitor conversions and manage the bidding process. This is where Automate Ads comes in.

Think of this tool as the “set-it-and-forget-it" for advertisers that want to automate daily campaign management tasks such as budget management, A/B testing, programmatic bidding and ad rotation. Automate Ads does this and much more, and it also has custom reporting tools for you to review campaign performance in an easy-to-digest, holistic perspective.

4. Bitly

Social Media Tools

Most marketers know and use Bitly to shorten links, but not everyone knows the true power of the tool, which includes branded shortlinks, partner integrations, link analysis, audience intelligence and campaign performance metrics.

In fact, customizing links can boost your click-through rate by as much as 34% because they represent a memorable and trustworthy link for your followers (i.e. myname.pizza).

5. Animoto

Social Media Tools

Animoto creates beautiful, professional videos and slideshows from your photos and existing footage in a fast, free and simple way. How easy you ask? First, you set the tone with a style and song. Next, you customize it by adding photos, videos and text. Finally, you tap a few buttons and your video is ready to share across social networks.

Whether you're creating a square video for Instagram, or a vertical video for your mobile app, Animoto allows marketers to create high-quality video content for little to no time and money.

BONUS: Fastory

Social Media Tools

It's not ready for the public yet, but you can join the waitlist for Fastory and eagerly await it's release. Fastory is a user-friendly platform for brands and marketers to “design full-screen mobile stories," integrating immersive and impactful content. Intended for Instagram Stories and Snapchat, the easy-to-use tool allows you to craft compelling content that you can share and download anytime, anywhere.