Always Test Your Site’s Mobile Friendliness Before you hit the Publish Button

  •    Rosemary Richings is a writer that offers web and blog content writing services to local businesses.

If you don't know what your site looks like on a smartphone you might be scaring away potential leads. Mobile friendliness is crucial for small businesses. In fact, 78% of mobile searches for local businesses result in a purchase, according to Kissmetrics.

Smartphone web searches don’t just affect small businesses, it affects businesses of all shapes and sizes. A Search Engine Land study revealed that nine out of ten mobile searches lead to action and more than half lead to a purchase.

In order to maximize sales, you’ll need to do whatever you can to make your mobile users happy because they're the ones that will likely take action quickly. According to Mediative, 70% of mobile searches inspire viewers to take action within an hour. Desktop users however, can take as long as a week to take action.

Given billions of adults own Smartphones worldwide, there is a lot of purchasing power that your business can hone in on.

Weebly & Mobile Friendliness

As a Weebly user, there are a lot of mobile friendly tools at your disposal. First things first, you need to sign-in to your Weebly account. Once you've signed in, click on the "edit your site" tab. The mobile view option is below the computer icon:

mobile view option

When you click on the mobile view option, you can't make any changes. Do you want to make further changes? Click the desktop icon, to edit your site.

Alternatively, you can edit your site on the Weebly app. The Weebly app is available on all Android, IPhone, and IPad devices. The app version of Weebly is perfect for on the go edits. It's also a great way to preview the mobile version of your site before you hit the publish button.

If you're trying to maximize your site's mobile friendliness, now is a really great time to be a Weebly user. All themes are mobile friendly, and the latest themes have a responsive interface.

Responsive sites look the same on all devices, while automatically adapting to the viewer’s device. Mobile friendly sites look slightly different on various devices, in order to adapt to a wide variety of screen sizes.

Other Factors that affect mobile friendliness

If your site is heavily customized your site's mobile friendliness won't always be perfect. Customizing your font and photos, for instance, might lead to an illegible site.

Another important part of mobile friendliness is the size of your images and videos. If it's a big file, your site will take a long time to load, and viewers will visit someone else’s website. Small files load quickly. This doesn't however, guarantee success. You might be scaring away customers with something unrelated.

If you want to always have your eye on your site’s mobile friendliness, click the mobile view button, whenever you make major changes. Once you hit the publish button, copy and paste your URL into Google's Mobile friendly test. This is a useful tool that will improve your site’s overall Smartphone friendliness.

How do you test out your site’s mobile friendliness? Do you use any tools that we haven’t already mentioned? Feel free to share your perspective in the Weebly Community.