Three Priorities for Your Productive Home Office

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Whether your website is a simple blog or an up-and-coming eCommerce site, it’s likely that you have one important thing in common with many others who are busy staking out their presence online: You’re probably working from a home office.

As your endeavor grows, you might land in some variety of shared workspace, but working from home is the norm for most in their early days. Your productivity, health and general attitude about your project will, in the long run, be greatly influenced by how well your home office is designed, fitted, organized and appointed.

Unfortunately, many DIY web mavens lose themselves in the magic of creating their virtual appearance and don’t pay enough attention to the actual surroundings that they’re working in. Then one day they realize that they’ve allowed themselves to get burned out and their inspirational fuel tank is running on empty.

Don’t let that happen. Take care of yourself in these three ways:


Most of us have heard the term “ergonomics.” It’s the art and science of organizing our workspaces and equipping them with hardware so they naturally fit the way our bodies are built and intended to function.

Shop for chairs and you’ll find a good selection that are designed ergonomically. The Spine-health site outlines seven elements to review to find an office chair that fits you properly: seat height, seat width and depth, lumbar support, backrest, seat material, armrests, and swivel.

Of course, teaming you up with a desk that is at the proper height is critical and today, many home office workers are opting for setups that allow for occasional periods of standing. Varidesk is one of the more popular and flexible lines today.

Before I leave the topic, let me give you one warning: If you use a laptop, be very careful. We love these powerful little computers, but they are taking a physical toll on heavy users. If you must use one on a regular basis, get a good setup.


Despite the rumor that we’re evolving into a paperless office world, it’s not a reality yet, even for the home office. Keep this in mind when you set up your home office. You will be filing away a lot of papers (and please remember to keep all your tax deductible receipts organized) so have the right materials on hand along with the places to store them.

You don’t want to have to go on a wild goose chase every time you need to retrieve a single piece of paper. This is especially dangerous in the home office environment because when we leave our workstations, there are temptations and distractions around every corner!


I’ve seen DIY home improvement shows where they build a home office in a closet or nook. That might be okay if you only use it to pay bills once a month, but if it’s your business or your side hustle, you want to work in a pleasant environment, and that’s not a closet.

Locate your space near a window. As you select your desk and chair, consider the colors and styles. Also, invest in some art for the walls. Global corporations aren’t merely trying to improve their public images as art patrons when they outfit their headquarters in beautiful artwork. Good art and well designed spaces raise productivity and boost well being. Invest in yourself.

If you’ve decided that a home office is your best choice for the near or medium term, resist the urge to wing it. Make getting the ideal, affordable setup one of the first items on your “to-do” list.