Prepare Your Site for the Seasonal Rush

  •    Husband and wife team that sells custom frames to customers around the world.

Like most small business owners, seasonal sales are a much needed shot in the arm for our online store over at Alibi Interiors. The boost through November and December helped us through the doldrums of January and February. While we’re still growing and scaling our framing and custom woodworking business, we do have a few tips we’ve learned in the last few holiday seasons that should help you maximize sales on your website.

1. Introduce One New Product

Don’t overwhelm your first time site visitors with a ton of products that can crowd your eCommerce site and leave your customers with too many choices. Introducing one new, fresh product is a great way to boost inventory while enticing your regulars to discover something new on your site. The key is to keep visitors focused, not distracted when competing for attention on the web.

2. Remind People Why They Love You

Send a personalized email to your past customers and let them know why they should give your site another visit for gifts this season and provide a more intimate look at what you've been up to over the past few months. Use that new product as a teaser to click through to your site. Also, be sure to time it well. You want to hit that sweet spot landing in their inbox ahead of Christmas to give enough shipping drag time to make sure customers have time to see your email, order and still get that gift under the tree in time.

3. Double and Triple Check that Your Site is Mobile-Friendly!

More people are expected to shop from their phones and tablets this season than ever before. Make sure your site is on a mobile responsive theme so customers can easily navigate your eCommerce store and find their way effortlessly to check out. Double check on a few different devices to make sure your design stays intact on both mobile and desktop.

4. Track the action

Check website in the workroom

During this busy time we keep up with all orders, customer inquiries and shipping statuses from our phone or tablet while doing our own Christmas shopping or just hanging out. This helps us give quick answers to customer questions and help guide customers to actually click the cherished “purchase” button. Remember, the ease of use on mobile isn’t just for the shopper anymore, it’s for site owners too!

5. Hang Some Mistletoe on Your Site

Ok, so not actual mistletoe, but just a hint of festiveness can help keep shoppers in the holiday spirit. For us, this means snapping some photos of our products amongst a few twinkle lights or Christmas decor. It’s one of the perks of managing our own site on a day to day basis, we can make changes and updates instantly and change it all back come December 26th.