How to Use Webinars to Take Your Business to the Next Level

  •    Mariah is a member of the PR & Marketing department for the video eCommerce and webinar solution Yondo.

A webinar is an online video conference that usually takes the form of a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar. They allow businesses to exchange information with audiences from all over the world in real-time, through the sharing of documents, applications and instant messaging.

In today’s technology driven age, webinars have become an exceptionally powerful tool for small businesses to connect with prospective clients and associates. Their popularity is largely due to their unique ability to simplify the everyday grievances of a small business owner’s life. No longer do businesses have to worry about the inconveniences and financial strains associated with travelling to meet with clients, no longer are the constraints of a small home-office an issue. With webinars, you are able to reach global audiences in a more convenient and cost effective setting while establishing yourself as an industry professional and diversifying your business’s services at the same time.

Cost Effective

One of the most important factors of running a small-business is keeping costs down and production up. But there are so many costs involved with running a business: utilities, maintenance, salaries, travel expenses that it can all add up very quickly and interfere with your ability to produce quality products and services. Webinars allow you to cut these costs dramatically. You can host these meetings from anywhere, which means no valuable time or money wasted on travelling, and more to distribute to other important areas of your business.

Value Adding

Having a quality range of cost-effective services is what will ultimately put your business above the rest. By conducting webinars with your clients and associates, you are diversifying your range of services; you are demonstrating that your business is serious about the future and passionate about providing a variety of options for them.

Establishing Your Credibility

When executed correctly, small businesses can build credibility, authority and reputation through webinars. This is because they demonstrate your high level of expertise on a public platform; to be seen by not just by prospective clients, but also competitors. While many businesses rely on self-promotion to generate a following online, it is not enough in order to establish yourself as an industry professional. You can’t just tell people you’re an expert; you have to show them and webinars allow you to do this effectively.

Attracting New Clients

Though webinars may be a relatively new form of communication for small businesses, their rampant popularity mean that they harbour great potential for sourcing new clients. If you’ve got the right information, targeted towards the right audience, your webinar could be extremely successful at harnessing new clients for your business.

Building Relationships

Webinars are also a great way for you to establish trust with your existing clients. Webinars are a more personalised form of interaction that enables you to really connect with your attendees and allow them to feel valued. People are more willing to return for other services if they’ve had a positive experience and if they know they can trust the person, so take it upon yourself to really nurture these relationships and watch what they can do for your business in return.

Gathering Feedback

Small businesses should constantly strive to improve their services if they wish to remain a competitive force. It is recognizing the importance of feedback and appreciating the unique insight your customers posses, that can act as a means of achieving this. Webinars provide you with an opportunity to really understand the needs and desires of your valued clients. By listening in on what they’re saying about your service and understanding their reactions to it you can adjust your business accordingly.

Webinars truly are the way of the future. As technology evolves, people are increasingly going to be turning to online platforms such as webinars as their primary form of communication. By taking advantage of these kinds of technology now, you are giving your business every chance it needs to succeed in the future.