How to Sell Your Small Business

  •    Jody is a yoga teacher and workshop leader, past owner of Jody Ford Yoga and current owner of White Raven Yoga.

I’m a yoga and healing expert. But I’m also a businesswoman. Although I always knew I eventually wanted to sell my business, I wasn’t actively promoting the sale. But then it ended up happening much more quickly than I had expected.

So how was I able to sell my business? Below are the five key reasons I was able to lay the foundation for a sale that has allowed me to move on to the next chapter of my life.

I made each day exciting.

At Jody Ford Yoga, I created, wrote, and produced curriculum for yoga teachers. Working with yoga teachers to help them develop signature programs and discover self-empowerment has been a life-long passion for me. I’m thrilled to help individuals experience greater health and vitality. And I’m thrilled to see yoga and energy healing principles brought to the world at large.

I invested in branding.

I was trying to do all of this by myself. But then I found PrestoBox. I took the short branding quiz and discovered the colors, patterns, and fonts that felt right to me as a business owner. I loved how visual and fun the process was. I tend to over-think things and make them complicated. PrestoBox made branding simple, yet meaningful.

Through PrestoBox, I built my logo, business card, and website. As soon as I launched my new brand, I got lots of comments from my customers about how my branding looked more professional, more inviting, and definitely more polished. My customers were better able to understand the power and breadth of my yoga offerings.

The new branding got everybody’s attention – but most importantly, it got the attention of one particular customer... (I'll talk more about this customer below)

I focused on my customers.

Customers are everything. They’re the diamonds we have right in front of us. If we polish and take care of them, if we nurture and listen to them, amazing things will happen.

Every point of contact with your customer matters – from your logo to your website to your e-newsletter. And every little bit counts, even if it’s just a personal note that says “I appreciate your business” or asks “what are your challenges?” Anything you can do to continually build those customer connections is like money in the bank.

I identified my special customers.

I value every one of my customers, but my repeat customers are the really special ones. These customers are the best assets any business owner can have. One customer in particular shared lots of information about what she liked (and even what she didn’t like) about my programs. She helped me understand the details of how she applied my curriculum to her practice. All of this information helped my business get better and better!

By continually staying in touch, we established a wonderful ongoing relationship. And before I knew it, this customer reached out to me about buying my business! I later learned that she had been thinking about buying my company for a while. But it wasn’t until after I re-branded and re-did my logo and website that she got really interested. Since the business seemed poised for new growth, she decided she needed to act right away.

I kept looking ahead.

Although I always enjoyed what I did, I knew I needed to be open to new experiences. I plan to continue writing and teaching yoga workshops, I’m also excited to explore new paths. For now, I’m going to hang loose and see what appears. But once I reflect and regenerate, who knows. Look out, world!