How to Attract Customers with Social Media

  •    Tammy helps businesses manage online communities.

Combining social media strategy with a well designed website can attract new customers to your business through community interaction, engagement and relationship building. Here are three ways you can use social media to connect with customers and build your business.

1. Capture Leads

Social media provides many great opportunities to capture valuable leads for your business. The simplest way to capture a lead is to ask for an email address in exchange for a desired item, like a free PDF download or coupon code. Try using a status update on social media to explain your giveaway and encourage fans to head over to your website. Once there, viewers have the option to opt-in to an email list. After they sign up you can give them access to the coupon code or downloadable content.

We have a tab on our own website people can click to sign up for our newsletter in exchange for a free PDF on Pinterest for Business. It’s a simple way to create connections and establish the business as a trusted resource.

2. Build Relationships

One of my clients,, uses Instagram to showcase products and build relationships with vendors. The company posts photos of products with links back to the storefront where they can make a purchase.

GlitterStyles will takes Instagram images and mount them on 4x4 inch canvases, and hand pour epoxy over it to create a unique artistic look to favorite photos. They have found suppliers across the nation to provide complementary items like handmade wood frames that fit the canvases, and illustrators to create branding elements. In just a short month, GlitterStyles made their first sale through Instagram, by posting a photo of a product and sending people to an online storefront.

3. Amplify Content

Social media can help amplify your public content and help you reach new audiences. Create a blog for your business and promote it with a small blurb or link on social channels to drive traffic. By establishing a blog on your website, you are giving your fans more information about your business. Some businesses offer behind ­the ­scenes snapshots of daily life behind the brand. Others offer personal anecdotes and thoughts about life in general. Post a small blurb or link on social media and ask fans to click over to your website to read more about your brand. Blogs also raise your SEO ranking on Google because you are consistently putting out content that gets clicks and mentions through social media.

One small business, Imelda Dulcich PR & Social Media wrote this article, which was retweeted several times and then picked up by Leaders West. Having a blogging hub allows you to drive traffic back to your website to offer more value, and create more opportunities that amplify more of your messages.

Another example is by international photography duo R+A Photography. They work hard at creating blog posts that not only provide value for clients, but also peers as well. By using Instagram and Facebook posts, they are able to send readers back to their blog to read insightful posts, pin images, and even hire them.

Whether a business offers a product or service, social media is a great way to send people to the website to capture leads, build relationships, amplify content and increase revenue. Think of your website as a hub for all of the value your business provides, and use social platforms as spokes sending clients and potential customers to that value.