How I Balance Motherhood With Running My Own Business

  •    Mother and Owner of Unfold Yoga.

Being a mom and running my own yoga studio is the best thing that’s happened to me; I love that I can make my own schedule and call my own shots. It has taught me a lot about balance, the importance of prioritizing, and accepting that you cannot do it all.

Running my own business has also been great for my family, since we get to spend so much more quality time together. Every day is a little different from the last, and each day is a new learning experience.

Keep tabs

I am list maker; even with all this technology, a pen and paper are my best friends. Writing things down really helps me remember and it feels so good to cross things off. Things that are higher priority I mark with a star and those are the ones I tackle first. When I think of something else, I just add it to my existing list. I keep a little notebook that I can carry with me for this reason.

Live in the moment

Separation and mindfulness are so important. When I am at work, I am all about what needs to get done. When it is time to be with my daughter or my family, it is time to focus on that moment and not think about or try to fit in work stuff. This family time is time that I cannot get back; I can always catch up on work tomorrow.

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Give it time

When it comes to planning for the future, I am a go getter. I am open to try anything that I feel comfortable with, and I accept that the first time I run through something it may not be a huge success. It is persistence and consistency that are important. I try, as much as possible, to disconnect with the initial results and give things time to flourish.

Exercise the power of “No”

Trust your gut! I do only what I feel totally comfortable with. I do not do anything that I feel will impact my family or time negatively, and I believe that with most things it's all about that initial gut reaction. No matter if it’s a person, a decision, or an idea. If it feels good and right, I am down to go for it. But if something makes me uneasy about it, I just say no and move on to the next thing. So far it has worked out really well for me.