Blogging: Get Started and Keep Going with Great Content

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When you create a website, it can often stay quite static for a period of time; writing a regular blog is the perfect way to keep things fresh. Blogs get your brand's message out to the world and help keep your customers up to date on your products and services.

With a blog you can go into depth about relevant topics, show what makes your brand unique and encourage people to come back regularly to see what's new. Here are some tips to get started and keep producing great blog posts.

Getting Started and Choosing an Audience

Paul Hamill Website

Paul R. Hamill has a distinct audience in mind, as he uses his blog for a local political campaign.

Before you start writing your first blog post, take time to think about your audience. Who do you want to read your blog? Having a particular group of people in mind will help you focus your creativity and make appealing content. Brainstorm the profile of your typical customer. You may come up with several different customer groups. This might mean that you need to write a variety of posts to keep these groups interested and attract them to the website.

Plan, plan, plan!

Paiwen Paddleboards Website

Paiwen Paddleboards plan out a variety of content for the year ahead.

Planning is key. You are bound to be busy running your business and a blog is an extra responsibility. Choose an appropriate schedule that you can manage. If you have time and enough ideas, a weekly blog may be ideal to keep your customers hooked. However, that could be a lot of work, so monthly publishing may be more realistic to start off. The main thing is to deliver your blog on schedule, so your audience knows when to expect to hear from you.

Make it easier on yourself by thinking of 10 topics before you write anything, then try to get two or three blog posts ready, so you don't feel pressured to produce new content when the next post is due. If you can keep one or two posts ahead of schedule, then it will be easier to keep it going.

Content Tips

Blog Post Example

Orrell Design uses its blog to highlight a local charity event.

Finding topics to write about can be difficult for every blogger, but there are several ways to find inspiration. Are there new products to talk about, trends within your industry or relevant upcoming events that you could cover? Look at blogs from competitors or other companies in similar industries.

People love to see 'behind the scenes' at businesses, so consider giving readers a peek into life in your office or store. Showcase the personalities at the company too, think about an interview with a company founder or a profile of one of the key employees.

Be inspired by what is happening around you. Talk about annual events like Valentine's day, Easter or the holiday season.

Use what people are talking about on social media as a way of informing your content. Even customer service queries can be a source of ideas — provide information about the subjects your fans and followers often ask about.

Share your blog posts

Pictures on a Wall

As an artist, My Friend Court's blog is very visual, but she also writes about her inspiration and shares blog posts across her social media accounts, including Pinterest.

Your blog should fit nicely into your website, but also make sure people can discover your content other places online. Post links to your blog updates on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages and encourage readers to share. This can help with your SEO rankings and get more people to your website to find your products and services.

Writing a blog is a fun and interesting way to deepen the relationship with your customers. It can help get your message out there directly and attract different types of people to your business. Get set up quickly, plan out your posts and get blogging!