How To Write Content For Your Website

  •    Co-founder and CEO of ARTICOOLO, a start-up which develops disruptive technology for automatic texual content creation.

Setting up your own website has become an easy and intuitive experience in recent years thanks to self-serve building platforms such as Weebly. However, the quality and relevance of your website as well as how much traffic and engagement it will gain depends on its content.

Writing content for the web requires the writer to follow a distinctive structure, a certain language, and has its own special formula.

Most people find it difficult to express their ideas through writing, even if they are writing about their very selves or their own business. Usually, this fear has no justified reason, and that’s because everyone’s a writer.

As long as you know the basics you can and should write your own website’s content. No one knows your business better than you, so why let someone else write about it instead of doing it on your own?

It doesn’t mean you can’t get some help. On Weebly’s App Center you may find the Articoolo App which will provide you with a great starting point for your writing. For almost any category or topic, you can use this app to get ideas and initial content to begin with.

Here are some tips on how to successfully write web content:

  1. Accept that you are a writer – You might not feel like a writer but you are one, so learn how to do it exceptionally. Pick your topic, do your research, put your own knowledge and experience into it and…begin!
  2. Know your goal – Whether you want to provide information about your business, sell a product, or just express your ideas and vision, understand WHY you are writing what you are writing, and make it stand out from your content.
  3. Know your audience – Determine who are your target audiences and appeal to them and their needs.
  4. Follow the rule of the inverted pyramid – Let your primary and most important information show first. Say it simply and clearly. Give your website visitors a precise understanding of the topic at the very beginning, in the first line or two, so they can decide if it is relevant to them.
  5. Get inspired – search around the web, look for websites like yours or just use Articoolo App to ignite your content creation process.
  6. Keywords, keywords, keywords – your website traffic, credibility, engagement and even sales are all affected by your keywords. Spend time on SEO keyword research in order to write the most effective content.

Post-writing editing - after you’ve gotten the words down on the page, and you’ve said everything you need to say, comes the editing phase. Any writer, no matter how experienced, must always edit their work once they are happy with the content. It’s usually a good idea to have someone else read it in order to get a fresh perspective, new ideas and make sure that what you’ve written makes sense to others. ​