3 Deadly Content Curation Sins to Avoid

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So, you're a solopreneur trying to make your mark, and it takes most of your time to run the business, make your product, and promote your service. Meanwhile, you're supposed to be posting a killer blog filled with buzz-worthy content so you can nurture an insanely loyal fanbase of social followers, right?

Enter: content curation.

Content curation is the process of searching the web for the best content in your niche area and pulling it together for use on your blog or social platforms. Done right, this marketing strategy will save your social presence and blog, because it keeps you from having to constantly generate your own brilliant content. Done poorly, content curation is a great way to look like an evil robot, or a hot mess.

Avoid these three deadly content curation sins to get more social love.

1. Failing to follow key influencers in your niche

Probably the single greatest way to find awesome, interesting, trending content to curate on your own blog or social page is by following the right people. Find out who these people are, and follow them.

Sheer number of followers isn't the decision-maker here. If you only follow brands and people that share dull, self-promoting content, what do you gain?

Instead, follow influencers in your space that engage their followers. Use tools like BuzzSumo or Traackr to see who gets the most tags, shares, responses and retweets. Look for their most entertaining, emotional, educational, actionable and thought-provoking content. Eventually, you will be able to hone your strategy based on trends you see among your favorite influencers.

2. Failing to stick to a schedule

Ample data reveals the best posting times, day and night. Don't leave this to chance. Create a schedule based on the numbers and your particular business, and then schedule great content to fit that schedule.

Scheduling lets you be sure you've covered all of your brand goals and keywords in advance, so you can throw in extras when you feel like it — when you're running a last minute special, or when relevant news pops up. With a schedule, you're ahead of your content curation game.

3. Failing to post fresh, interesting content

This may seem obvious, but based on what's out there, it isn't.

Have you ever shared an article about a celebrity dying — only to be told by a follower that they died four years ago? Ouch. Even big brands do this annoying trick, posting “breaking" news that is older than dirt.

If you want an active, engaged social following, use trending hashtags, tools like Feedly, and watch key influencers to grab catchy pieces of fresh content. Create interest by adding a piece of yourself to each post; even if it's just a comment or reaction, don't miss that opportunity to add your brand personality.

The bottom line

If you avoid these three deadly content curation sins, your content will be miles beyond the competition. Posting fresh, interesting content, sharing content from influencers in your niche, and doing it all on a schedule will grow your following and earn you social engagement — all without turning into a full time content marketer. After all, you've got a business to run.