3 Ways to Capture Leads and Monetize Your Traffic

  •    Brooks is a Customer Engagement Specialist and Writer at Heyo, a company that helps SMB's get more leads and sales from social media. He is a regular contributor to the Heyo blog.

Websites and social media are vital to the success of most small businesses. Once these channels are established, they provide a healthy flow of traffic for your brand, but traffic alone isn’t going to cut it.

How do you make the most of the traffic you invested so much time and money to get? You need to provide your visitors with an off-ramp or they will drive by and get off somewhere else! This is where lead capture comes in. Simply put, lead capture will move your traffic further down the sales funnel and increase the chances that visitors convert into a sale.
Here are 3 proven lead-capture strategies that will make it easy for you to profit from your traffic.

1. Give Away Content

Giving away content is a tried and true method for capturing leads. Not only does it get you a solid lead, it gets you a happy one. Instead of you taking something from them, they have rather gained something from you – this positive shift in attitude on the part of your prospect means you’ve started your relationship off on the right foot.

In exchange for an email, give away educational white papers, eBooks, consultations, videos, coupons, or a downloadable “kit” that has a combination of these valuables. As a bonus, this content is a strong indicator of your lead’s interests.

2. Run a Contest

Contests are one of the most popular and engaging forms of content out there. Offer a prize that aligns with your brand and your audience’s interests to generate excitement and ensure that the leads you capture are high-quality. Add a highly visible countdown to the contest to create a sense of urgency. These are just a few of the tactics that will make your contest irresistible.

Contests come in many shapes and sizes; some of the most popular types are Sweepstakes, Referrals, Group Deals, and Photo/Video contests. Figure out what type of contest resonates with your audience most and go with that. Often, a give-away is the best (and simplest) type of contest to start with.

3. Collect Physically

We’re so focused online that we often forget about physical traffic. If you have a brick and mortar location, don’t miss out on an opportunity to collect leads. Laying a book open at your front desk or check-out counter is a great way to collect leads.

An open book has a personal touch. The entries from previous customers will serve as social proof that builds trust for repeat business. People who are interested enough in your business to enter the physical location are likely to be interested in future updates, especially if you offer special deals in exchange.

This is not a definitive list of lead capture strategies but it’s a great place to start. Remember that capturing leads is just one step in the sales funnel that must be constantly attended to. Listen to your audience to find out what they want and give it to them. Master this and you’ll find that leads come to you asking to be “captured” rather than the other way around.

So what are you waiting for? Put these strategies to use!