Going to Work Making You Sick to Your Stomach? Time to Quit Your Day Job

  •    Alena Courtney is a Content Marketing and Organic Growth Manager at Weebly.

That’s exactly how Merry Beth Myrick knew it was time to mutter the two major words “I quit” and fire up the blowtorch in her studio full time. You might be familiar with feeling, dreading work to the point you feel physically sick. She realized her 9-5 was getting in the way of what made her most happy: making jewelry. It’s why she’s one of three Weebly entrepreneurs featured in our #rip9to5 video. Merry Beth has been down the road of fighting for followers on social, uncorking SEO, building two e-commerce websites and turning a side income into a full time paycheck (go girl!). Here’s our quick Q&A with the Weebly entrepreneur behind Hard Wear Merry.

Weebly: Top advice for anyone that wants to start their business but is feeling overwhelmed?

Merry Beth:

  1. Go. For. It.
  2. Get a mentor.
  3. Set goals.
  4. Make a business plan.

Weebly: Why did you start with your own online store instead of a marketplace?

Merry Beth: A lot of my clients don't want to shop on Etsy and other sites for artists because they don't seem legit and having my own website is more professional. Weebly makes it easy for the artist-minded to express themselves and curate a website that showcases our brand. Managing my own storefront and customer relations has allowed me to build trust with new clients and all-in-all grow my business and get ahead of my bills.

Weebly: What does the “new normal” of work mean to you?

Merry Beth: I think the future looks bright! Especially for creators. There's this popular idea right now that money isn’t everything. It wasn't like that when I graduated college and I don't think it's ever really been like that before. We were all in a competition of who could work for the best companies and make the most money. Nowadays, it's very acceptable and actually honorable to create your own way, be broke if it's necessary, or even if it isn't. It took me many years to choose happiness over career- which has turned into a very happy career, if I may :)

Weebly: You may! Ok, so what was it like being on the set of the #rip9to5 shoot?

Merry Beth: The set was so fun! We were in a warehouse with no AC in the July Tennessee heat, all dripping of sweat the entire time and laughing about it. The make-up artist did one heck of a killer job and kept me as fresh-looking as she could. The crew was super professional and had great vision.

Congrats Merry Beth for making it happen! Check out (and shop) her jewelry here and here.

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