How to Use Quizzes and Surveys on Your Website

  •    Sara is a web publisher who uses quizzes and surveys daily, consistently achieving a 10-20x engagement rate.

Surveys can easily be embedded and presented to visitors on your website. You can generalize the interest levels or focus your Q and A towards those who meet a set criterion which you can define beforehand. The survey or quiz will appear on any landing pages you have inserted the embed code, focusing on existing customers or on your home page for generic audiences.

Website surveys can be highly useful to improve the conversion rate on your website by helping you understand what visitors may need in order to feel comfortable making a purchasing decision after viewing your website.

A survey is a springboard for getting to know the needs of your website visitors, to help gauge the overall effectiveness of your online presence. You can specifically ask what brought users to your website, what the likelihood is that they’ll return, and how they enjoyed their experience. Whether you’re concerned about content, design, or your overall business model, a survey can help your website get the feedback it needs. For specific questions about your website, you can customize questions over time and embed surveys on targeted landing pages.

There are many types of surveys. The effectiveness of the data varies by website, purpose, and how creative your questioning is. When running your first survey I recommend receiving daily reports for the first 3 months to analyze and customize KPIs.

The targeting parameters for an online survey are essential. Online survey tools can easily measure multiple targets. These include traffic sources, targets by page, and targets by activity. These can be measured with short surveys, quizzes if your questions are more open-ended or multiple answers are sought, and re-measured over time.

​Targeting visitors by traffic source

Traffic sourcing is when the website survey is directed to visitors who only come from a particular source, such as an ad campaign, search engine or social media target.

Target by page

This targeting attribute makes it easy to collect feedback from visitors who make it to a specific web page only. This is a great way to get feedback on targeted landing pages.

Target by activity

Targeting which allows the website survey to target only visitors who take certain actions such as selecting a specific sale item, a coupon code or click-link on the website.

A short survey offers an opportunity to use interactive engagement with customers based on clear targeting or marketing goals.

​You can easily create and embed a survey or quiz on your website using the QuizRevolution app.