Grow Your Business with Gift Cards

  •    Jon is Vice President, USA at Roller, a global provider of software solutions focusing on eCommerce-based applications for hospitality, leisure and service businesses.

A gift card program is a great way to capitalize on both online and in-store traffic while giving customers a convenient way to share your products or brand.

It’s no doubt that gift cards have become the gift of choice for consumers. With over $100 billion spent each year, every business should put a priority on this feature. In addition to procuring advanced sales for your business, 55% of gift card recipients require more than one visit to spend the balance of their card. Increased traffic to your store (online or offline) results in the average gift card user ending up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the card.

Using a custom digital gift card system and making gift cards available on desktop and mobile devices will allow you to capture revenue from prime demographics. One survey reports that 98% of teenagers have opted to purchase or received a gift card at some point in time.

Online gift cards can be set up directly on your website or Facebook page and remain available for purchase 24/7. With a fully autonomous system, you can schedule digital delivery (reducing costs on labor and maintenance), and also provide simple redemption methods for fast paced service business. The industry as a whole has seen a 10-15% higher purchase amount when offered the ability to send a digital gift card over a traditional physical gift card. With online gift cards, setup is quick and easy and maintenance is low, no need for staff to monitor the sales process. With customers paying you an average of $25 per card, how can you say no to selling your product from the comfort of their own home?

You should also provide that extra level of ‘personalization’ to the digital gift card experience. When purchasing gift cards, let gift givers upload their own photo with a personal message. Or even better, upload their own video message direct from their device which will be displayed to the recipient to introduce the gift. In today's connected world, there is no better way to send your gift to a loved one who lives far away... let your customers make the experience special and they'll be more likely to purchase from you again.