How to Make a Product Page that Converts

A great product page is the best predictor of success for your eCommerce site or store. Your site's most valuable traffic is on the product pages that convert online shoppers into online spenders. People who view these pages are already thinking about your product, so it's important to learn how to optimize them for eCommerce success.

An effective product page helps you maximize your return on investment by providing "the information, assurances, and motivation the visitor needs to become your customer," according to a blog by marketing researcher Kissmetrics. Here are some great tips for creating standout product pages.

Every Detail Counts

Content is king when it comes to sharing information about your products or services with potential customers. Start with a long description of your product that clearly explains its unique qualities and value to the viewer.

Engage shoppers by sharing the story of your product. Don't forget key details, like different sizes or shades that are available, how to order multiple items, and the price per product.

Don't forget title tags. They tell search engines the topic of your product page and drive interested viewers straight to your site. Keyword use is critical because your title tag is also your headline for the search engine result displayed to online viewers. Be sure to create a unique custom title tag (or page title) for every product page.

Another impactful strategy is to create customized URLs for your product pages. These links are automatically generated from the names of each of your products. Be aware that products with longer names can generate awkward links. Fortunately you can customize each URL to create a shorter, more readable link.

Let Your Images Do The Talking

High-resolution images are an important way to tell the story of your product and help covert viewers into customers. But an image is only helpful if visitors can see it clearly, including the details.

Images are especially important for physical goods to help users understand exactly what they are buying, according to Kissmetrics. Don't forget to provide access to multiple views of the product from different angles.

If you don't want to invest in a professional photographer, it's easy to get good photos using your phone if you have the right conditions (like natural sunlight) and a few simple resources.

Videos are another engaging way to showcase products in a short, easy-to-understand message. Get straight to the point in order to captivate viewers and share information about the benefits of your product.

It's easy to upload HD quality videos directly to your site or store to display in a video player available to Pro and Business users. Or you can share videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other providers.

Have a Conversation

You've described your products and showcased them. Now it's time to have a chat with your viewers —or even better, to let them share your products for you.

Social sharing enables visitors to share your products with friends and drives more traffic to your site or store. The built-in sharing feature lets your customers share your products on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

User Reviews are another way for customers to share information about your products and help new visitors make purchasing decisions. Nearly nine in ten consumers say they value reviews as much as personal recommendations.

You can add to that sense of security by providing trust signals on each product page, such as the McAfee SECURE trustmark, which lets shoppers know your site is safe. You can also install live chat on your product pages to answer questions and help close the deal on sales. Tidio Chat is an app that lets site visitors write to you through live chat, messenger or email.

Last but not least, use these tools to cross-sell different products with a "You Might Also Like..." button or another recommendation message that works for your product. You can suggest products that are frequently purchased together, or create your own collections and gift combinations.

There's no shortage of ways to create a great product page to increase sales and drive more traffic to your site. Describing, illustrating and sharing the unique value of your products is a perfect way to start.

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