Ecommerce Templates and Designs You Should Try Right Now

At the heart of any successful eCommerce site is great web design. A well-designed site can help you increase sales, win more customers and strengthen your brand. The most successful eCommerce designs use templates to inspire visitors to learn more about your product or business — and ultimately take action. Here are six eCommerce templates and sites that illustrate design best practices that you can apply today.

1. Create a Great Landing

Modern landing pages draw in viewers and encourage them to stay. One of the best ways to captivate customers is through the eye-catching movement of a video header. A video can illustrate your brand values and add deeper context to your products or services by showcasing what you do.

Check it out: Humble Pie's video header showcases the pizza shop's fresh, healthy ingredients and small business ambiance.

Give it a try: Humble Pie uses the Birdseye 2 eCommerce template. You can add these video backgrounds when you customize headers with the Pro plan and above. Select a video from a gallery of curated options or upload your own.

2. Make a Big Impact


High quality images are incredibly important for any eCommerce design, especially if your sales depend on how customers view your products. Studies show that larger images can actually increase sales. “When you make images larger, it helps shoppers gain a closer look and better experience of the product," explains Search Engine Journal.

Check it out: Mueller Chocolate Company takes advantage of full screen images to showcase a variety of its elaborate chocolate confections and the handmade process used to create them.

Give it a try: It's easy to add high quality photos with the Image Editor along with Gallery and Slideshow elements.

3. Capture Attention


Bold, bright colors not only capture attention but can also help increase eCommerce sales, according to Kissmetrics. Colors also create emotional connections that encourage customers to engage with your site. Yellow, for example, associates with youth and happiness, while blue creates feelings of trust and safety.

Check it out: Ohio Forever uses bold red color – think love and energy – to attract attention to its vibrant apparel. The color also ties in with the company's bright red logo to reinforce its brand, and uses a white background for contrast to create the greatest impact.

Give it a try: Ohio Forever features Unite as a template. This unique template allows you to customize backgrounds with a wide range of colors. You can also change the color of buttons and background in email campaigns with the Change Colors button in Weebly Promote.

4. Spell it Out


Typography is an important element of any eCommerce template. Your typefaces can enhance your brand through the style of lettering you choose. Weebly font categories offer a wide variety of options, from the high fashion and glamour of Modern Serif to the attention-grabbing Bold Block. Remember that readability is key, so don't make lettering too thick or too thin.

Check it out: Campfire Adventure Co. uses different typefaces — a handwritten script that warmly invites visitors to have an "epic adventure" – and a simple serif for body copy that makes the details more readable.

Give it a try: You can modify the typeface for any webpage element using the Font Editor with an expansive range of choices to fit any eCommerce site.

5. Learn to Navigate


Beyond a drop-down menu and a table of contents, you can use contextual links to guide your customers to the most important areas of your site. Whether you add a button to your home page or include links in descriptive text about your business, contextual links can help your visitors get to where you want them to go.

Check it out: Bacon Boxes includes variations of a “Shop Now" button in each section of its site to redirect visitors to its products. The site also includes a “Subscribe to Newsletter" button as a second call to action.

Give it a try: Bacon Boxes uses the Dusk eCommerce template. When using Dusk and other commerce themes, you should take time to determine your most important calls to action. In the Editor, it's easy to create links for text, images and buttons throughout your pages.

6. Go For a Scroll


One-page scrolling websites are gaining in popularity thanks to their ease of use on mobile devices. Long scrolling designs are great for websites with minimal content and provide all the information your visitors need in a single location. Each screen should include a new idea or call to action, just as a standard webpage would do.

Check it out: BowSweet's long scrolling design guides visitors from an introduction page to product categories to customer testimonials as they move to the bottom of the site. The commerce-focused design enables would-be customers to get all the information they need about the business without having to click around.

Give it a try: There are a variety of eCommerce templates that work well for long-scrolling pages, including Brisk, Cento 2 and CleanLines.

Great web design is the key to success for any eCommerce design. These six examples illustrate some best practices to help your website or store increase visitors and improve sales. Check them out today!