Modern Website Design with Sections, Flexible Headers and Video Backgrounds

One of the most exciting components of Weebly 4 is the huge upgrade of website design tools in the Editor. We want to provide an intuitive way to build modern, beautiful websites, so we took your most requested design features and incorporated them into a major Editor update.

The first major feature is the sections element and sections layouts. Free for all plans, these upgrades give you modern website design tools while reducing friction in the site building process.

Adding sections takes just a few clicks:

  • Drag and drop the new section element onto your site
  • Choose a section layout or add your own elements individually
  • Customize the section with image, text, color or video backgrounds

You can also create parallax scrolling and reveal effects directly from the sections editor. uses both to create an eye-catching site.

Predefined sections layouts help you create sites faster, providing professionally designed templates you can customize and build off. These layouts include gallery sections, team pages, menus, contact pages and much more.You can easily preview and remove layouts if you don’t like them.

Learn more about adding the sections element to your pages.

Note: Sections is not available for older, non-responsive themes or custom themes.

Flexible Headers

Flexibles headers give you the freedom to drag on new elements, tweak content positions and dynamically change the height of the header area simply by dragging it up and down. With these feature you can now control your header like the rest of your site content.

The header customization process helps you create truly dynamic pages, like these examples from and You can see how video backgrounds are used in these pages to make the content come to life and deliver an exciting visitor experience.

Flexible headers are free and available to all plans. Learn more about editing flexible headers here.

Video Backgrounds


Video backgrounds provide extra charisma to your pages and can be added to both sections and flexible headers when you customize backgrounds. You can see the visual impact of video backgrounds in

You can access video backgrounds from Edit Background within the section element or during header customization. You can upload your own video or choose from a gallery of curated videos.

Video backgrounds are available for Pro, Business and Performance plans.

We hope these features help you build better websites faster. We want you to have more control over web design, with the tools you need to create the best looking website possible, all in an effortless and intuitive process. Let us know what you think about sections, flexible headers, video backgrounds, parallax scrolling and reveal effects!