5 Weebly Themes You Should Try Right Now

Web design trends are constantly changing. The good news is that with Weebly's diverse themes, you can make a website that is both functional and beautiful with minimal effort. If you're considering a new look for your site, consider some real-life examples of great design: Here are the five best themes that people are using on Weebly right now. These themes are free and available on all plans.

1. Big Deal

With flexible headers and an excellent framework for video backgrounds, the Big Deal theme is a favorite of the Weebly community. Flexible headers provide more control over your site by enabling you to easily add new elements and adjust height in order to create dynamic pages.

StayJax Pet Products makes great use of the video background feature on the homepage header. The video not only draws the attention of new visitors, but also helps demonstrate product benefits in a unique and entertaining way.

2. Cento


Cento is a minimalist theme that showcases your content in a centralized format. It pairs classic typography with a modern color palette. Cento also makes it easy to add multiple images to your site with Gallery and Slideshow elements. While Gallery displays an unlimited number of photos in a grid, Slideshow displays one large photo at a time.

Chan Graphics cleverly uses the Slideshow element to show off the company's creative patterned fabrics. The slideshow of fabric designs adds an interactive element to the site, as if the designer herself was turning the pages of a pattern book for you. The designer also uses Slideshow to share past examples of her work, as well as a portfolio of watercolor illustrations that provide a broader perspective of her design talents.

3. Brisk


Brisk is a fresh, crisp, colorful theme that combines practical design and impeccable style. It's also a good theme to feature the fast-growing web design trend of parallax scrolling—a single page layout that continuously loads content while you scroll to the bottom of the page.

Titan Guitars uses parallax scrolling to engage visitors while telling the story of its brand. “What is Titan?" is the question on the first image of a person holding a Titan guitar. Scroll down to discover more important details: The guitars are made in California with “nothing but the essentials." The last image takes visitors right to the "Mod Shop" where they can enter the site to make a purchase. By using the scrolling feature as an introduction to its brand, Titan essentially opens the door to its virtual store and invites you inside for a closer look.

4. Squared


A bold theme that puts images first, Squared features polished styling and extra space for a dramatic eCommerce storefront that will make visitors stop and take a second look. Site Search also enables your visitors to easily find whatever they're looking for by entering a word or phrase into a search box that can be dragged to multiple pages. The search results page distinguishes between regular pages, blog pages and blog comments.

Vintage Home Charlotte uses Squared to create an impressive display of its high quality furniture, area rugs and home décor, as well as a portfolio of interior designs. A search box in the left sidebar enables visitors to search directly for different types of products, such as lighting, with the results displayed as product images. The site also features a newsletter signup at the bottom of each page and a helpful “Chat now" box in the bottom right corner that hovers like a helpful salesperson to provide visitors with instant answers to product and design questions.

5. Unite


A classic theme with mobile responsiveness, Unite offers subtle but stylish design elements. Neutral backgrounds and soothing color palates help create a wide range of beautiful building options for your site or store.

The Woven Home makes the most of Unite's classic design to showcase its curated collection of vintage goods. The store's faded denim textiles, emerald glass beads and wall art featuring nature images are smartly highlighted against Unite's neutral tones. Important product details such as the unfinished edges and hand-stitched seams of textiles are easy to notice–and appreciate—amid the site's classic design elements.

It's simple to adapt to fast-changing web design trends with Weebly themes that enable anyone to easily create a new look for their site or store. Why not give one of these fan-favorite themes a try today?