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With holiday sales revving up earlier every year, you're probably wondering the same thing everyone else is: how can I take advantage of the season to sell even more of my products?

Even when you have a great product and a solid marketing campaign, it can be tough to compete during a time when the world's consumers are faced with more options, are under more stress to choose well, and have less time to pick out the best gifts. Quality will only get you so far, especially if you're at the helm of a lesser known brand selling lesser known products.

You need some extra tactics to help you stand out. Let's look look at some basic principles of persuasion and desirability that can make the products on your website look more appealing.
I'll Give In So You Do, Too

First up, the principle of concession, which basically is what happens when one person in a negotiation meets the other halfway.

A sales person, for example, might set a high price on an item at first, and then come down on it a bit in the interest of hooking the customer. The customer then feels like the salesperson has made a concession, which taps into the customer's sense of mutual obligation. The sales person reduces the price, in other words, and the customer's will power is reduced right along with it.
To apply this concession theory, create your own product markdown incentive in your online store. In the Editor, you can do this by editing your product details and entering a new, lowered price in the "Sale Price" field.

Hurry Up!

Next is the principle of exclusivity. This is the idea that people feel more attracted to a situation in which they are among the select few who get to experience it. A party invitation means more when you know the guest list is short. Membership in a group is more enticing when you know the group puts strict limits on who gets invited. Not everyone gets the special black credit card, so when you get pre-approved, odds are, you're going to jump in.

Disney used to execute on this idea to extreme success. Rather than offer up its entire catalogue of movies, it would release sale copies of each movie for just a short time once every seven years. If you ever went to a video store during one these sales periods, you know how much the demand for a movie had been driven up by this artificial sales constraint.

This limited release created a massive demand that kept the Disney name in every holiday sales conversation by every family in America.

You can do a similar thing on your site with the Business plan. Just pop over to the Coupons Editor and set up a coupon that lasts for a short time — one day, for example — and then place the promotion all over your website and any other marketing materials you have.
Someone Swears By This

Finally, try tapping into the principle of authority. Here's how it works:

When a product's reviewer is either an expert on a subject, well known for some other reason or is considered a trustworthy critic, everyone else in the world tends to trust the product more than one without a similar review. This is how Oprah drives her book-of-the-month picks to bestseller lists. She's in a position of influence, and a whole lot of people trust her opinion. The mere mention of a title she likes can mean millions of dollars for publishers. Likewise, a positive review from “Car and Driver" magazine can generate a great deal of revenue for automotive manufacturers.

On your own website, go to the "short description" field in the Products Editor and add a testimonial by someone well-known who has purchased one of your products and said something positive about it.

Of course, the hard part is getting someone well-known to say such a thing, but that's a different subject. You can also work to get testimonials from your best customers. Send an email or reach out on social to any customer that you’ve had a personal interaction with in the past and see if they’d be interested in supplying a short testimonial for your business.

What type of principles do you use to promote activity on your website? Share your tips and experience with us in the comments!
<![CDATA[Keep Customers Engaged and Grow Traffic with New App Center Apps]]>Wed, 11 Nov 2015 19:17:39 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/keep-customers-engaged-and-grow-traffic-with-appsNothing helps keep visitors – and potential customers – on your website like engaging content. Good content should provide your visitors with function (helping complete a task or solve a problem) or with entertainment. The best content can do both.

The App Center has three new tools to help provide both function and entertainment for your visitors with interactive polls and easy-to-use scheduling features.


Pinpoll app integration allows you to incorporate fun and engaging polls into your website design. Polls give users a way to interact with your site and can boost page impressions as visitors spend more time engaging with your content and potentially sharing with others online. Each poll can be completely customized with colors and images used by your brand, and because the poll software is responsive, it looks great on any device.

When users complete a poll, Pinpoll tools help them stay on the site by showing related articles or content. Pinpoll collects important data so you know exactly how people voted and where those votes originated from with digital mapping. All of these analytics are available directly in your Dashboard.
Sheridan Student Architecture Club uses Pinpoll to engage with students and ask question related to their interests in the program. The background images add extra flair to the poll design, which is easy to answer and matches the rest of the site theme. 

Best of all, the Pinpoll app is free!

Tockify Calendar

Whether visitors are booking appointments or looking for your business hours, Tockify Calendar has the functionality to handle all your time and date needs in a well-designed widget. Tockify works well with images and can be customized to match your overall site design.

Tockify also links up to social media sharing tools, with easy to install calls-to-action and the option to allow user submitted events. Tockify Calendar is completely responsive and installs right into your site Dashboard.
Trent River Designs uses the Tockify Calendar to showcase upcoming events. Each event includes a custom photo – in smart circular design with a large headline, time and date information, and a description. Users can also get directions, share the event or search for other options all in one place.

Give Tockify a try on your website today with easy App Center installation. 


Schedulista makes it really easy for customers to get in touch with you. This user-friendly tool helps customers book appointment times and see available options right from their computer or mobile device. And because the app accepts appointments 24 hours a day, you don't have to worry about missing customers.

The tool includes some of the same great features as Tockify Calendar but takes it a step further with appointment scheduling tools and text notifications. Schedulista also integrates with Facebook and allows users to pay through the app. Your customers will appreciate how easy it is to schedule an appointment with Schedulista.
The Petsmith uses Schedulista for appointment booking on its business website. Pet grooming clients can see available appointments with different employees and reserve a time with just a few clicks. The calendar is intuitive for clients and easy to use on the backend, download a free trial from the App Center to test it out. 
Thanks to these great add-ons, you can more easily engage with visitors and make the most of your website, blog or online store. Ease of use, Dashboard integration and plenty of entertaining features will help you increase your site's potential the moment these apps are installed.
<![CDATA[Localize Your Site with New Domains]]>Thu, 05 Nov 2015 19:04:04 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/localize-your-site-with-new-domains
A website gives you the opportunity to tell your story, share your work and sell you products to anyone, anywhere in the world. One of the best ways to speak directly to a global audience is with a localized, country specific domain.
To give you more freedom to go international, we’ve expanded our domain offerings to include 9 new domains that you can use to build your site (in addition to the .com, .net and .org we currently offer). Not all new domains are country specific.

Here’s the full list of the new domains:
.co.uk - UK
.ca - Canada
.nl - The Netherlands
.de - Germany
.fr - France
.es - Spain
.us - United States
.eu - European Union
.info - Everywhere!

To access the new options, go to the Domains tab from your Dashboard and type in the domain name you want to use in the search box. You’ll automatically see a drop down with the different available domains. You can also buy multiple domains and point them all to your site.

If you’re reading this blog from the EU, you might also be interested to know that we just launched Weebly in the UK, France and Germany!

<![CDATA[6 Ways to Get More Sales this Holiday Season]]>Tue, 03 Nov 2015 17:33:46 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/6-ways-to-get-more-sales-this-holiday-season
The holiday season is right around the corner. Are you – and your website – prepared for the biggest sales period of the year? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Get ready with these six tips to help you drive more sales.
1. Drive Holiday Business with Coupon Codes

Give people a reason to come to your website by offering a coupon code. You'll entice more visitors which means more potential conversations.

The Business plan provides all the tools you need to create coupon codes with ease. Log into your store dashboard to get started. You just need to know what type of discount you want to offer, such as free shipping, a percent off the total sale or fixed amount.

2. Promote Products on Social Media
Use social media to create a buzz about your website and draw in new shoppers. Show off your best product shots on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Combine social media campaigns with a coupon code and you have the start of a powerful campaign.

Backwoods Soap & Body Products uses striking imagery and engaging descriptions to create a powerful social media following. With strong campaigns on Facebook and Pinterest, the company – which makes soap from hops or beer – has a product that's special, packaged well and makes a unique holiday gift.

3. Monitor Website Stats and Know Where Traffic is Coming From

Do you know which campaigns are working best and where shoppers are coming from? The answer will help you decide where to focus your marketing efforts.
With the new Dashboard, keeping track of visitors and website stats just got a whole lot easier. You can find a ton of information about potential shoppers in one place – weekly visitors, page views, form submissions, blog comments and store orders. Break down that information to see where traffic is coming from, and turn your attention to those places to draw in even more customers.

4. Expand Your Product Line

The holiday season is an ideal time to expand your product line and help lure back past customers. Whether you are adding something new or something with a holiday theme, now is the time to get started.

If your store is not on Weebly or your items are split between a Weebly site and another place such as Etsy, you can use the import tool to combine all of those items into one storefront. This will expand your Weebly store catalog and provide more products for shoppers (even if you aren't actually creating new items). All plans let you list products for free [no listing fee] including an unlimited number of product listings with the Business plan.

5. Feature Product Videos and Testimonials
Shoppers love to see a realistic view of products from online stores. Use videos and customer testimonials to show shoppers why they should buy from you. Showcase specific items and have past customers explain why your products make perfect holiday gifts. (This content is great for your website and for posting on social media.)

We already have an HD video element built right into the platform, so it couldn't be easier to incorporate video into your holiday eCommerce plan. All you have to do is drag and drop the video player into the desired location on your website and upload a video. (Just remember the HD video tool is available only on Pro and Business plans.)

Botany Bay Farm uses video to explain how the business is unique and why you should buy from them. Not only does the video help shoppers connect with the brand, but it also keeps visitors on the site longer.

6. Keep Tight With Branding
Finally, the holidays are one time of the year when lots of new people are exposed to your site or brand. That means keeping your brand top-of-mind is especially important. Make sure that all information you send out is branded so that every customer knows who you are. This includes using the same URL, logo, colors and product images everywhere you plan to advertise.

Start with a branded website domain, such as Bad Pickle Tees. Then make sure every element of the website and other marketing campaigns use that same branding, including your email address and social media campaigns. An integrated shopping cart with checkout on your domain, which is available on the Business plan, helps customers feel good about their purchases with a professional look through the final steps. (And with a branded checkout, you don't have to worry about users abandoning their carts because they are worried they have stumbled onto another site.)

What strategies have you seen work on your website during the holiday season? Share your tips with us in the comments!
<![CDATA[What's Next?]]>Fri, 23 Oct 2015 01:29:36 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/whats-nextFresh off the release of Carbon, we’ve been closely listening to your feedback -- both what you love, and what we can improve. Since launch, we’ve implemented over 223 small and large changes based directly off your suggestions, and we’re working hard every day to keep up that pace!

As we continue through the year, we’ll be building a number of amazing new features, while continuing to focus on making the core site building experience fast, efficient, and delightful. We’ll be focusing on these improvements in 2 main areas, and would love to hear your input on the specific items we should focus on:
Speed & Efficiency: We’ll be working to make everything you do faster and more efficient. For example, we’re making it faster to load the site editor and manipulate elements. What are the other things that slow you down? What are the things that will help you more efficiently edit your site?

Quirks & Bugs: We’re always striving to make Weebly even easier and more delightful to use. Do you experience any little annoyances while you’re editing? What's not working as expected? For example, sometimes text formatting gets messed up when you copy and paste from Word. We’d love to hear all of the little areas we can improve!

It's simple. We’re where we are today because of you, and your feedback has a direct impact on our roadmap and what we work on -- it gets sent straight to our Product and Engineering teams.

We’d love your input and your thoughts on how to make Weebly work better for you. Let us know by filling out the form below!

    Feedback Form

<![CDATA[Next Level Themes - Oasis, Slick and Paper]]>Wed, 21 Oct 2015 16:15:46 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/next-level-themes-oasis-slick-and-paperYou deserve a beautiful, modern looking website that’s easy to make your own. We revamped our top themes so you could have the best canvas to tell your story with the latest professional web design trends in support. Oasis, Paper and Slick take our themes to the next level, with open, compelling design features that help you build that next level website for your business or personal brand.

Let’s take a look at what makes these three themes special. All themes are free and available for all plans.


Featuring a unique vertical split screen motif, Oasis opens up the entire left side of your site to display big visuals. This means you can use the right pane to focus on content, with some interesting surprises like width-busting map and gallery elements. Oasis is fully responsive, with collapsible navigation and vector social icons. On mobile devices, the left pane moves seamlessly into a horizontal position above the content for an elegant single column view. 
VSTUDIO uses Oasis to show off a company portfolio with some stunning visual support. The contact page uses the unique theme with expertise while the site logo features nicely on the left pane to add even more character to an already excellent site.

You’ve never seen a theme like Oasis. Try it on and start experimenting with the unique new layouts that will open new options for you website, blog or online store.


With an unlimited number of applications, Paper accommodates a wide range of content and incorporates your voice into dynamic, engaging pages. Paper combines traditional elements with modern minimalism that allows visitors to immerse themselves in your best content. The storefront boasts new product hover effects that make Paper the perfect theme for eCommerce sites. Paper is responsive, with a full width header image and both light and dark palettes.

Savages Biker Apparel uses Paper exceptionally well with a powerful, image-forward homepage and shopping cart icon in the navigation. The hamburger menu animation adds even more personality to the already strong layout. Ali Rybczyjk’s personal art site, Love Includes Everyone, uses Paper to show off her artwork, with a wonderfully designed storefront featuring pieces available for purchase, along with a sketchbook for her other work. Cindycow.com, created by a nurse who also sells her art, uses Paper to display her creativity and love for typography along with a blog that includes advice for other nurses.

Update your site with Paper and see how your content looks with this truly universal theme.


A powerhouse for striking first impressions Slick features oversized images and adventurous text elements to make a statement right from the start. Fluid scrolling effects make Slick easy to navigate with a new layout for blog pages that makes your content even more accessible.  

Thepriestmovie.com ues Slick to market a dramatic short film with stunning background photos, while Chicks and Cheese uses the new blog layout with some more great photography to bring their passion for food and wine to life. Heathersaucier.com does an oustanding job constructing a projects page with a solid layout and great use of Slick’s short header and headline.

Switch to Slick today to try all these new features.

We hope you enjoy this latest spotlight on our three newest themes. Have you used Oasis, Paper or Slick to update your site? Share your work with us in the comments!
<![CDATA[Delight Visitors and Ship More Products with 3 Free New Apps]]>Fri, 09 Oct 2015 17:19:47 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/delight-visitors-and-ship-more-products
First of all, thanks for all the helpful feedback and support during the Carbon launch. Our engineering and customer service teams are working around the clock to make sure everything’s perfect with the new experience. If you need help with anything use this form to contact us and we’ll get right on it.

Now, let’s look closer at the brand new App Center. From geomarketing to product shipping, we have three new apps that will delight your visitors and help you sell more products. These apps are free and easy to add to your website, blog or online store with simple one-click integrations.

Related Noise

Related Noise lets you add dynamic social feeds to your website. This is a great tool for boosting visitor engagement and displaying content in exciting new ways. You can use social proof to increase sales by showing off photos and testimonials from your biggest fans, or bring a variety of different voices directly to your site to keep visitors interested.

Twin City Pictures uses Related Noise with the new responsive Slick theme to display a stunning gallery populated with the company’s Instagram feed and photography. It’s a smart and visually exciting way to show off their best work. EcoGrow LLC uses the app to share the company's Aquaponic systems as they're used by real people. It’s an engaging way to illustrate how the product works for customers.

Try out the Related Noise App right now to start building your own social feeds.  


MapJam brings some exciting new geomarketing tools to your website, letting you create beautiful, uniquely customized digital maps. You can use the app to help customers find physical locations or add stunning new interactive elements to your site.

This Toronto-based realtor uses MapJam to display open listings on a custom city map that lets visitors explore different properties right from the homepage. Anthonynachor.com uses the app to illustrate color-coded transit stops around the San Francisco Bay Area, adding some impressive visual support to the text on the page.

Add the MapJam app to your website today to test out these unique map creations.


 Shippo makes shipping products from your online store easy and affordable. The app lets you create shipping labels and get discounted shipping rates on both domestic and international shipments. You can access multiple carriers, including USPS, Fedex and UPS, along with key time-saving features like automatic tracking and customer email notifications.

Alibi Interiors uses the app to ship hand-crafted reclaimed wood products around the country. The integration with their online store has saved them time and money from the moment they connected the app.    

Shipping doesn't have to be hard anymore. Get Shippo integrated with your site and start your new shipping program.

We hope you enjoy these new apps, you can learn more about using the App Center or see all the current apps for yourself (with more being worked on all the time!) What are your favorite apps and how are you using them? Let us know in the comments!
<![CDATA[Introducing Carbon, the Next Generation of Weebly]]>Thu, 01 Oct 2015 15:52:39 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/carbon

We’ve been hard at work for the better part of a year, and today I’m incredibly excited to finally share the results with the world. Entrepreneurs, dreamers and makers, it’s time to meet
Carbon, the next generation of Weebly.

Carbon is a total relaunch of our platform, delivering a whole new set of tools to help grow your business, enhance your site and share your story with the world. With Carbon you have more power and more control than ever before, all wrapped together with the intuitive drag and drop experience you love.

There are plenty of new elements to discover with Carbon, so let’s make some introductions

App Center

Bring the world to your website with the brand new
App Center, a dynamic collection of apps and services that you can now add to your site through simple one-click integrations.

Powerful eCommerce apps like Shippo and Switch give you new tools to run your business, while apps like the Events Calendar and Poll Creator help bring more life to your website with innovative services that connect right into your pages.

With an expanding community of app developers and innovative companies working on projects for the App Center right now, new apps are being added all the time to help your site grow like never before!

Access the App Center at any time from the new Apps tab in the Elements sidebar.

New Themes

We’ve reimagined our top 21 themes and added three stunning new ones, Oasis, Paper and Slick, that make it easy to build a beautiful website that’s completely unique to you.

Upgrading your theme is as easy as a click, and all of your content transfers seamlessly, which means your website will always be on the cutting edge of modern web design trends without worrying about manual updates. All of the new themes are responsive and show off upgraded visuals and element layouts.

All themes are available in the new Theme Gallery. It’s easy to give any theme a test run, but if you’d like to keep your old theme there’s no pressure to change.


The remodeled Dashboard is stats on steroids and gives you a single place to track essential metrics for your business. You’ll find an easy to scan overview of important activity like traffic, sales, blog comments, and orders, all laid out in summary cards.

Click on a card to go to a full screen deep dive on each metric. This will make it easier to assess website trends, understand success and find new opportunities to grow. Log in now to check it out.

*Designer and Education users won't be able to access the new Dashboard yet. 

Mobile Apps

The latest evolution of our
Mobile Apps brings full drag and drop website building to all your devices, both from your tablet and on your phone. This is the mobile experience you’ve been waiting for.

Now, you can create a site, store or blog on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, along with the ability to track all your activity from the new mobile dashboard. Even better, run your business from anywhere with an upgraded eCommerce mobile experience for all devices that lets you process and fulfill orders, add products, check inventory, receive notifications when a new order is placed, and instantly accept payments.

9 New Elements

It gets better. We created 9 brand new Weebly elements that let you bring a range of additional features and functionality to your site. The new elements are all free and easy to add to your site from the App Center. These elements include: pricing table, team cards, FAQ section, call out box, table element, accordion, tab area, code syntax highlighting, and animated counter.

Editor Refresh

Even the Editor has a new look and feel, with a refreshed design and new features. The Pages tab is now in the sidebar, making Page-level editing much more convenient. Now, instead of balancing between the build and page tabs, you can seamlessly switch pages without leaving your current screen. We’ve also reimagined the element options interface, giving you a cleaner, more intuitive interface to customize and tweak the important parts of your website.

Elements API & REST APIs

We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes for developers, too. The Elements API lets anyone create new elements for Weebly, using Mustache, LESS and Javascript. We are also launching a comprehensive set of REST APIs that include OAuth2 integration, Webhooks, and calls for blog, site, eCommerce, and membership, among many others.

Carbon includes an upgraded theme engine that supports partials, so you can now customize the HTML structure of areas like navigation, blogs, store fronts, product pages, membership, and search pages using Mustache templates.

We’ve launched a brand new Developer Center where you can read up on the docs, API reference, and download sample applications and themes that support all of this new functionality.

Behind The Name

Carbon is the third generation of Weebly (the second launched back in 2013), so we chose a name that started with the letter ‘C’. It’s one of the most interesting and versatile elements: not only is carbon the basis for all life on earth, it has a wide set of uses; it can form diamonds, carbon fiber, or graphite.

We thought it was the perfect name for the third generation of Weebly, one that brings improvements in design, an app center ecosystem, cutting edge mobile apps, a dashboard to help you manage and grow your business, a new platform for developers, and exciting new functionality.

Carbon is the culmination of many hours of hard work and collaboration from the teams in San Francisco, Scottsdale and New York. We’re really proud of the latest evolution of Weebly and we’re excited to play a small part in helping you grow your business. We’ll keep working day in and day out to help you be successful, and we always love hearing your feedback on what you’d like us to build next.

It’s a whole new world… what are you going to build?

David Rusenko
CEO, Weebly
<![CDATA[What Does Your Typeface Say About Your Brand?]]>Tue, 22 Sep 2015 15:11:38 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/what-does-your-typeface-say-about-your-brandYou've already made the leap and built a great website. But which typeface did you use? And what does that typeface say about your brand? Here's a primer on modern typeface terminology and what those different type styles can say about your website or business. These typefaces are easily accessible via the Change Fonts menu in the Design tab.

Sans Serif Typefaces
Sans serif typefaces are among the most widely used type styles in website design. Sans serifs include typefaces that do not contain embellishments or serifs at the ends of strokes. Sans Serifs are a popular style because they are often easy to read, have a modern, crisp style and work with a variety of design types. They may have thick, thin or varying stroke widths.
In addition to their popularity in terms of readability, sans serif typefaces are also easy to match to most designs. Use of a sans serif signals to customers that your brand appreciates clean lines, has style and is easy to work with. Thinner stroke widths create a trendy vibe, while bolder strokes often feel important.

Use a regular weight to take the emphasis off the type altogether, allowing it to fall into the rest of the design. Sans serif typefaces can be used anywhere in a design, from headlines and menu elements to the main text style.

Three key associations: Modern, clean, stable
Three options to try: Lato, Open Sans, Raleway

Serif Typefaces
Serif typefaces have been the branding choice of major companies, including banks and financial institutions, for many years. Typography featuring small lines at the end of each stroke are considered trustworthy and more formal than any other type style. Much of this stems from the roots of serif typography — it is one of the oldest types of lettering next to hieroglyphics.

While some designers caution against using serif typefaces in web design, serif fonts can offer a powerful option, especially for larger blocks of type. Serifs aren't used as frequently as other typefaces, so choosing this style can help bring extra emphasis or attention to your website. Serif typefaces can be used anywhere in a design, from headlines and menu elements to the main text style.

Three key associations: Traditional, formal, reliable
Three options to try: Abril Fatface, Georgia, Playfair Display

Script Typefaces
Script typefaces are seeing a dramatic rebirth thanks to the popularity of the handwriting typeface. Scripts are often more decorative and are identified by an almost cursive-handwriting style design. Many brands with a large female audience use script typefaces because the extra embellishment and stroke flourishes have a feminine feel. (A script does not have to have a feminine association though.)

Script typefaces ooze elegance and grace with lettering connected by clean and simple lines. This type style has a more creative feel with a looser, more messy pattern for letterforms. Script typefaces are best suited for larger type in a website design, such as headlines.

Three key associations: Elegant, feminine, creative
Three options to try: Pacifico, Sofia, Marketing Script

Other Type Styles
Typography can be broken into a few other categories as well, all of which are used in much the same way for website design—as an accent or as part of a type-as-art concept. These typeface categories include blackletter, novelty and display styles.

Blackletter type styles are reminiscent of the past with heavy lines and elaborate styling. One of the most well-known examples of blackletter type is that nameplate for The New York Times. This style of type is best used for only a few words and at large sizes.

Novelty typefaces are those that just don't seem to fit into any other category and can include unique flourishes or techniques. Novelty typefaces are often used for logos, small blocks of large type or to create a visual element that is more about the look of lettering, rather than its readability.

Display typefaces are bold and work well at large sizes but are rather inappropriate (and unreadable) at smaller sizes. They are often used for headlines and for poster-style designs.

Three options to try: Kingthings Calligraphica (blackletter), Seaside Resort (novelty), Lobster (display)

Adding Typefaces to Your Site

When it comes to bringing it all together, you can change typefaces easily from the Change Fonts menu. Typefaces are grouped by category name, so if you know what style you are looking for, browsing fonts is a breeze.

Here's how each style is displayed in Change Fonts:
  • Sans serif: A large collection of simple typefaces in thin, regular and thicker stroke widths
  • Serif: Typefaces you would expect, such as Times New Roman, with plenty of other modern serif styles
  • Monospace: Mostly used for coding style projects
  • Handwritten: Script and novelty options from simple to elaborate
  • Bold black: Display options for large text
  • Decorative: Novelty typefaces for large text or special uses

Let us know how you’ve used different typefaces on your site, store or blog and which ones you like the best!

<![CDATA[3 Ways to Use Animation on Your Website]]>Mon, 14 Sep 2015 16:51:48 GMThttp://www.weebly.com/blog/website-animation
From color changing buttons to looping video and GIFs, website animation is a design trend that can work for a wide range of websites and delight your visitors.

So how do you incorporate website animation into your design? Here are three easy ways to get started.
1. Try Hover Effects

One of the simplest animations to try is a hover effect or button animation.  A hover animation occurs when something happens as the mouse moves over an element on the screen, such as the button changing color or growing in size. You can take this a step further with hover effects that showcase the price of an item in your shop or that include extra instructions.

The key to hover effects is to use them sparingly, but with consistency. If your buttons  change from blue to red on hover on the homepage, follow this theme throughout your site. Picatars by Paula makes the most of button design with a transparent ghost button that turns solid when you hover and a top navigation that uses box animations on hover.

Many of these effects come baked into the latest themes, test a few different themes to get a feel for all the different types of hover effects available.

2. Add a Background Video

Background videos are a great way to add excitement and movement to your site. A background video can include anything from live action clips to background images with subtle movement.

The trick to a background video is to keep it simple and easy to understand in just a few seconds. The best videos show a looping action that relates to your company or brand. Keep in mind that your video is unlikely to have sound, so it has to work as a stand-alone visual element.

Adding background video to your site requires custom HTML code, so please proceed at your own risk (our customer success team is unable to directly support this as a feature).

The good news is that if you try this out on your site and it doesn't work quite the way you want, you can always roll back to your non-custom theme by going to the Design tab, visiting the Change Themes section, Sorting your Themes by Recently Used, and re-selecting your original theme. You can also copy your site and test this out on the duplicate.

That warning out of the way: how can you add a video background to your site? 

  • Go to the Design tab and click the Edit HTML / CSS button in the lower left corner. This will drop you right into the CSS (main_style.css file) for your theme.
  • Before writing the code to show the video in your background, you'll first want to upload the video itself to your Assets on the left side. Click the "+" button next to the Assets section and upload the video file you want to use. You want this video to load and play quickly, so upload a video file that's less than 10mb in size if you can.
  • You'll now see the video listed in your Assets. Does the video have a short, one-word name? If so, great! If not, click on it and use the edit option to rename it to something simple. This will make it much easier for you to refer to the file name in your code later on.
  • Now you need to put some code into your site. How do you write the code to actually place the video on your site's background? Tech Author Dudley Storey explains it better than we ever could

3. Create Interest with Simple Animations

Everybody loves a GIF, right? Simple GIF-style animations are fairly easy to create and upload. All you need is a great idea that matches your website’s personality.

Simple animations include anything from a bit of color changing text to a dancing cat in your website sidebar. Create your animation in image editing software of your choice, save in the GIF file format and upload using the image uploader. Check out Fiesta Five to see just how effective a simple GIF can be on the homepage.

Not sure a GIF is in your wheelhouse? Consider an image slideshow with a little animation, like the one used by Mehditash Design, for some extra visual impact.

What type of animation do you use on your site, store or blog? Share your animation examples in the comments!