3 Benefits of Joining the Weebly Community

Now matter what your resolutions are this year, you can find strength and support in the Weebly Community to help you reach new goals for your eCommerce site or store in 2018. With 3.8 million new websites published in 2017, we've expanded our community to 225 countries and territories across the globe.

Entrepreneurs can leverage the community as both a networking tool and a resource for starting conversations, asking questions, finding inspiration, sharing suggestions and receiving tips from Weebly experts and other small business owners.

To access the Weebly community, simply select “Support" from the dropdown menu in your Dashboard or visit community.weebly.com. Here are three ways you can use the community to find support, education, and inspiration to take your site or store to new heights this year.

1. Seek Support

One great way to make connections – and get support feedback for any new features or designs you may want to try – is to show off your site. In the community forum, all you have to do is introduce yourself, share the URL for your Weebly site and request any specific feedback that you may want.

Showing off your site is also a good way to broaden your audience, share your expertise with other community members and even discover new business relationships that can take your site or store to the next level.

2. Get Educated

Another helpful feature of Weebly Community is a wide range of discussion boards that can help you find answers to a multitude of questions, get support, and learn new techniques.

While you're visiting, you can also share your own tips about how you created your own site or store and built your small business. There are separate boards for talking about Weebly features and for discussing business topics. Whether you're looking for advice on how to sell inventory, add an online photo gallery, or navigate sales tax issues, the Weebly Community is here to help!

3. Share Inspiration

Weebly users love to share suggestions for new features and we regularly include your ideas in updates and new features as Weebly continues to grow. So we created a section of the community designed just for this purpose. Check out the Vote on Features section to share feedback, ideas, and inspirations. Don't forget to vote on which Weebly improvements or features we should incorporate as we continue to grow!

Some suggestions before you submit a new idea are to do a quick search to see if someone else already suggested the idea. Also write out who your idea is for, the motivation behind it, the benefit, and of course, the actual idea.

Getting Started

To help keep the Weebly community strong, we offer a few helpful guidelines. First, think before you post on the site. Is your comment relevant to the Weebly Community? Next, make sure that you are posting your content is the right places and subtopics. Keeping the community organized makes it easier for everyone to find content quickly and easily. Last, make sure that you are posting items that are designed for the community rather than attempting to talk at them. We're excited about the Weebly community and having everyone take part in 2018. Check it out today – and let us know what you think!