4 Steps to Making Email Integral to Your Marketing in 2018

Every year brings new advances in practically every area of technology, but one thing remains the same year-in and year-out: email is the most effective form of marketing. In the U.S., on average, every marketing dollar spent on email leads to $44 in sales. This is a remarkable ROI. Compared to $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads, well, there really is no comparison.

Why does email perform so much better than these other (still very valuable) forms of marketing? Because it targets customers who have already expressed interest in your business in the past and is helping you close the deal with them.

Here's how to make email integral to your marketing this year:

Add a Lead Capture Form to Your Site

You can't send emails out if you don't have anywhere to send them, which is why adding a lead capture form to your site is a key first step in your email marketing strategy. Potential customers will want to hear from you, so there is no reason not to provide them with the opportunity to do so.


Weebly's Promote includes a very powerful lead capture form creator that provides four different kinds of forms, each of which have their own benefits:

Popup — This for pops up after a set period of time (that you determine), giving visitors the option to either sign-up or ignore it. This is the default form, but keep in mind that the way it functions could disrupt whatever else a visitor is doing on your site.

Smart Bar — This adds a small one line form to the top of your site, ensuring visitors see it no matter where they are without otherwise intruding on their experience.

Welcome Mat — Essentially a full screen version of Popup that briefly takes over the entire site. And as with the Popup, it ensures more people interact with (and use) your form while potentially disrupting some other people out of the act of using your site.

Anchored — Similar to the Smart Bar, except it's a form or mail icon anchored to the lower right of your site. This is the probably the most stylish of the options, but also the least noticeable as a result.

Assuming you're using Weebly, these can all be added to your site automatically at the press of a button. Learn more about setting up lead capture forms.

Create Your First Newsletter

Email marketing is most effective when you establish a relationship with your subscribers. And you can't establish that relationship if you allow several months to pass between every message you send them. Even if you only have a few subscribers right now (and even if your list currently consists of friends and family who are cheering you on), this is the time to get in the habit of sending an email out to your entire list at least once a month.

Why? Because this keeps your subscribers from forgetting you. Imagine if you signed up for a mailing list at a small business and didn't otherwise interact with them after that. Would you remember joining their list if they didn't write to you until six months or even a year later? Probably not. They'd be wasting their money and your time.

Weebly Promote has a simple email creation system that works in much the same way as Weebly: you select a template and then drag and drop your text and images where you want them.


Weebly's help center provides guidance on the creation of each part of the email. If you've also been blogging, you can automatically add blog posts to newsletters; a great way to repurpose content that many of your subscribers probably haven't yet seen.

Send Welcome Emails to New Customers & Subscribers

Along the same lines as the above, Welcome Emails establish a connection with new subscribers right away. It shows them what your emails will look like (so they'll be less likely to miss them next time) and gives you an opportunity to offer a discount or some other value to bring them back to your site right away.

This would be tedious if you had to do it manually, which is why Weebly Promote provides Automated Emails that can be sent after a customer's first purchase or a subscriber's initial sign up.


The help center can walk you through setting up an automated welcome email for both new contacts and first time customers.

Create Your First Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is a series of Automated Emails that go out over a set period of time. You create the content once and then customers / subscribers receive the emails based entirely on a set of rules that you determine.

So instead of sending a single welcome email for a new customer, you might instead send a welcome email followed by a brand email four days later, and an up sell message another three days after that. You determine the timing and what triggers a subscriber to receive the campaign.


Be creative with this! These automated emails can easily be set up to be triggered by very specific purchases, which is great since email becomes more powerful, the more specific it is. A four-email drip relating to a product the customer just purchased describing ways they can use it and other products they might like is even more likely to get results than a more generic email about your business. Plus, once it's set up you can just let it run, generating revenue without any more work on your part.

If you want more ideas, look at emails from companies you admire and frequent. They're successful for a reason and Weebly Promote gives you every tool you'd need to create the same types of winning emails. Get started, and soon other entrepreneurs will be looking to your business as an example of how to do things right.