Celebrating a Remarkable 2015!

From one of the biggest launches in Weebly history, to some truly inspiring stories and powerful journeys, 2015 has been a remarkable year. With a community that’s now built over 30 million sites and receives over 250 million unique visitors each month, it’s also been a year growth. Cyber Monday sales to your eCommerce sites grew 80% since last year and set a new record for Weebly store sales in a single day!

As good as 2015 has been, 2016 will be even better. We’re investing big in platform improvements, while adding some groundbreaking new features, including the launch of an official Weebly Community. Helping entrepreneurs like you build successful businesses and bring big ideas into the world truly inspires us, and the feedback we continue to receive from our community directly impacts product development as we work to build a platform that serves you better each year.

As we move into 2016, let’s take a moment to look back on the highlights from 2015:

Carbon - The next generation of Weebly. We reimagined the platform with a host of new features and updates. Carbon introduced the new App Center, Dashboard and Developer Center, along with updated Mobile Apps and a responsive theme overhaul including brand new themes Oasis, Paper and Slick. We also completed a full refresh of the Editor, with over 200 post-launch changes focused on upgrading performance and providing the best website building experience anywhere.

  • New Domains - We launched 9 new domains to help you localize your website for different regions around the world (or set yourself up with multiple domains). We also officially launched Weebly in the UK, France and Germany!

  • Page Layouts - Goodbye blank pages. Page layouts made it easier than ever to create a site with predefined page frameworks that automatically populate blank pages with real site elements. These layouts provide both guidance and inspiration, making it easier than ever to create the perfect page.

  • SimpleChat - Real-time chat support from your phone. SimpleChat allows you to answer customer questions via text message. This powerful tool integrates directly with your online store and lets you connect with customers from anywhere.

  • Dream Big - We want to show the world what entrepreneurs just like you can accomplish with a website and a big idea, so we created a new TV commercial featuring xobruno and a second commercial highlighting Botany Bay Farm.

  • IFTTT Integration - Plug your favorite services directly into your website, blog or online store. Connect Weebly with tools like Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive to create your own customizable events and automated tasks.

  • Weebly Power Hour - We made a crazy proposal: Make a website from scratch in one hour from an iPad or Android tablet. The best site wins a $5,000 grand prize. The results were more than impressive, and our winner, Myka’s Lemonade Stand showed us all what can happen if you dream big. Weebly for iPad was also featured in Apple’s inspirational Change Everything Campaign.

  • Square Partnership - Square helps millions of businesses accept offline payments, and now you can now use Square to power online payments with direct integration into your online store. This partnership makes it easier than ever to connect offline and online payments to help your business grow.

What was your favorite addition in 2015 and what do you hope to see in 2016? We’re excited for the new year and we can’t wait to bring more exciting features and updates. Stay tuned!