Faster Checkout with Apple Pay and Android Pay!

Over 50% of transactions on Weebly stores happen on a mobile device or tablet. This means mobile sales are an important part of your business, and a strong mobile checkout experience is key to keeping these sales flowing.

Now your customers can make a purchase from mobile in just a few seconds with the release of Apple Pay and Android Pay checkout options for your online store.

Apple Pay and Android Pay allows shoppers to store credit card information securely on their compatible mobile device before visiting your website. Then, when they are ready to buy your products or services, it only takes a moment to purchase. Apple Pay is also available on Macs, speeding up the desktop checkout experience too!

Using Apple Pay and Android Pay in Weebly


You need a Starter plan or above and Stripe connected as a payment gateway to use Apple Pay or Android Pay for your store.

If you are not currently connected to Stripe, Apple Pay and Android Pay will be turned on by default when you set up Stripe to accept payments. If are already connected to Stripe, you can select Apple Pay and Android Pay from Setup > Checkout in the Store tab.

Log In To Enable Apple And Android Pay

You won’t be charged any additional processing fees when customers checkout with Apple Pay or Android Pay. Your customers must have Android Pay or Apple Pay set up on a compatible device to use this feature. Customers will still have the option to use a credit card to checkout.

These features are now rolling out to qualified sellers (Paid Plans and Stripe) and will be available to everyone in a few weeks. Stores with gift cards issued are not currently supported but we’re working on adding support for gift cards soon.

Learn more About Apple Pay and Android Pay

Apple Pay and Android Pay are payment methods that allow customers to utilize their saved information on compatible devices. Designed as “digital wallets,” these tools were built to make mobile payments seamless and provide additional security for shoppers during checkout.

Since you connect credit card information to your device, Apple Pay and Android Pay eliminate the need to send sensitive payment information to the merchant, providing an extra layer of security for your customers.


Apple Pay can be used on Apple compatible devices like iPhones, iPads and Macbook Pros. Apple Pay can be enabled from the wallet section of these devices. If a shopper visits your store on an iPhone with Apple Pay activated, they will be able to select Apple Pay when checking out from your shopping cart. Since Apple Pay is available on Macs it can also speed up desktop checkouts.

Android Pay is an Android app that shoppers can download and setup with Android phones or tablets. If a shopper visitors your store from an Android tablet with Android Pay activated, they will be able to select Android Pay when checking out from your shopping cart.

1 in 4 visitors leave a shopping cart because of a long checkout process. Apple Pay and Android Pay make your store checkout experience as fast as possible. With these digital wallets, a mobile shopper can seamlessly purchase a product from your store in less than 5 seconds.

Online shoppers expect only the best experience when browsing your website, and patience dwindles when the checkout process is anything less than instant. Apple Pay and Android Pay are proven tools to help you impress visitors, reduce cart abandonment and drive more sales through mobile.