Capture Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Emails

Can you imagine owning a physical brick-and-mortar store where 7 in 10 customers simply walk away from their shopping carts?

Unfortunately, in the world of eCommerce, shopping cart abandonment happens all the time. Sometimes shoppers just aren't completely sold on their purchases. Sometimes they find a better price elsewhere. Sometimes there are too many steps to check out. And sometimes, they're simply interrupted.

Web usability researcher Baymard Institute ran the data on eCommerce shopping cart abandonment. An average calculation of statistics from 34 different studies reveals that 68.8 percent of online carts are abandoned by shoppers.

That's a lot of lost revenue for any online business to absorb. But it's also a great opportunity for store owners to increase future sales by inviting those customers to return for a second look.

The good news is that three-fourths of shoppers who abandon their shopping carts say that they eventually plan to return to the online store they left in order to complete their purchases, according to a Business Insider report.

Consider the numbers: Of the nearly $4 trillion worth of merchandise left behind in abandoned online shopping carts this year, about 63 percent of that amount—roughly $2.5 trillion—can potentially be recovered by retailers, according to BI Intelligence.

Savvy store owners can increase the number of customers that come back by using targeted email campaigns. Emails sent within three hours of the time a cart is abandoned, for example, have an average 40 percent open rate, according to the report.

Win Back Customers

Fortunately, the newly launched Weebly 4 includes eCommerce tools to help store owners win back customers who don't complete their purchases. You can now track and handle unfinished purchases with abandoned cart emails, available with the Performance Plan.

If you turn on the abandoned cart feature, customers who create a cart, enter an email during checkout, but abandon the process are automatically sent an email reminder after a certain amount of time. That email includes a link back to the cart where they can complete the order.

You get to decide how much time should pass before the email is sent and customize it to match your online store to make the experience seamless for your customers.

The email also includes your store name, store contact info, and a "call-to-action" message that you create to encourage customers to return to their carts and complete their purchases. It also gives shoppers info about each item in their carts, including notifications if any items in those carts have changed or sold out.

Track Lost Carts

Studies show that nearly half of shopping carts are abandoned at the payment stage, and most of those purchases end when customers are asked to enter shipping, delivery and payment information, reports Business Insider. It turns out that long, complicated checkout forms can drive shoppers away, so it's important to make the checkout process as easy and painless as possible.

Beyond streamlining your checkout process, the abandoned cart feature lets you view statistics about any unfinished purchases in your online store to help you identify and fix potential trouble spots where you may be losing customers.

When you use this feature, you can view abandoned carts over different time periods: Three days, seven days, or the lifetime of your store. The feature also enables you to learn how many carts are abandoned by customers—and the number of purchases they leave behind.

You can also track the percentage of abandoned cart emails that are actually opened by customers, the percentage of customers who ultimately return to their carts, and most important, the percentage of customers who decide to complete their unfinished purchases.

Take advantage of these great new eCommerce tools to learn more about the shopping carts that get left behind in your online store—and how to win back the customers who walk away.