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Chapter 1


You already know it’s important to track the metrics that matter, so your business can grow faster. But it’s tough to know where to start and data can be intimidating -- we get it. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand the ins-and-outs of how Google Analytics can help you answer questions about where your website visitors came from, what content they love and even which products they like but aren't yet ready to buy.

Luckily, using Weebly, you’ll already have access to an integrated dashboard of insights with a bird's eye view of everything from your website’s traffic to email marketing and sales performance. This guide is for overachievers and aspiring data nerds, who want to learn everything about getting set up with Google Analytics for goal setting, demographics insights, advanced site statistics and much more!

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Installing Analytics and Creating Filters

Getting started with Google Analytics means installing the code on your website and making sure it's functioning correctly. If you've already set up and tested your code, feel free to skip this section.

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