One Message Does Not Fit All: Why You Need an Email Plan

Sending an email to your subscriber list is easy with Weebly Promote, but in order to use email marketing as a channel to drive more sales and grow your business, it might be time to take your email game to the next level. A recent study found that people spend over 6 hours a day checking email, so with the right tools you can really connect with your audience. What you need is an email marketing plan.

This is not a set of instructions on how to send a single email to all of your subscribers. (You can already do that, right?) This is a plan to help you make the most of connecting with users and potential customers. And it is easier than you might realize.

Create Groups or Segments


One message will not work for your entire email list. Think about all the different types of users – or customers for eCommerce websites – that sign up for your email communications.

You should break these audiences into smaller groups and create messaging that is just for them. Example segments include users who signed up to get a special deal, regular customers or top-spending clients. What you need to tell each of these groups is quite different — one size does not fit all. Industry standards show average open rates for emails at 30% to 35%, meaning that a quality segmented email likely has a 1 in 3 shot of being opened.

Each group deserves its own email. With Weebly Promote, it is easy to create multiple groups and send dedicated, automated messaging. The Smart Groups feature creates market segments and email lists for you based on recent customer actions, so you can send an email thanking a customer for a purchase or welcome new users with a discount code. Setup is quick — just create a new group and user action from the drop down menu — and you won't have to move users into groups with each new email.

Add a Blog Post

A blog can be one of the most engaging parts of your website. Make sure your audience knows about your latest content by integrating new blog information into your email.

Because Weebly Promote is tied right into your Weebly account, you can pull individual blog posts right into an email or showcase multiple recent posts. What if your blog isn’t hosted on Weebly? No problem. Weebly Promote lets you pull in a blog from practically anywhere!

Include Custom Content


If you want to create a strong connection with your audience, personalization is the way to go. Nothing beats sending an email that addresses your customer by his or her name. Depending on the type of information you collect in the signup process, you can customize each email using Weebly Promote Merge Tags.

You can communicate with users by including a first name, last name, full name or email address that automatically fills into each email on send. Every email will feel like it was sent just for them.

Automate a Few Emails


Automated emails send when users perform a specific action. These are campaigns that you create in advance — you set them up and they trigger without your help.

Automated emails are a fantastic way to keep in touch with users that haven't interacted with you in a while, highlight a milestone such as a birthday, survey users about their experiences or to welcome new accounts. Automated emails can go out as soon (or as far) after an action as you like. They provide a vital, real time touchpoint with users, making you seem more genuine and accessible at any hour of the day.

This new Weebly Promote feature is one you'll definitely want to try.

Create Multiple Campaigns

Finally, the best thing you can do is ensure that every email goes to a person who wants to receive it. To do that, you will likely have to send different messages to different people at different times. Creating multiple campaigns is somewhat different than using multiple groups, but you can use these tools together. With multiple campaigns, you design templates for specific messaging. These campaigns may go to all users or specific groups.

Look at the demographics of your users. When do they shop online? When are they active on your website or social media? Create email campaigns that are custom tailored to these actions – and these user groups – to send at high engagement times.

While sending an email sounds easy, you are much more likely to get the desired result with multiple, targeted campaigns. Go ahead, create a few templates to best meet the needs of each of your target audiences.


One email per month is not a long-term business solution. With email driving more conversions than any other marketing channel, you need the capability to send multiple email campaigns – this could be as many as 10 per month – to really engage your user base. Creating these types of relevant emails can drive 18 times more revenue than broad email blasts.

Take the next step and become an email marketing superstar. You already have the tools you need to get started with Weebly Promote. Now that you have an idea of how to craft your emails, all you have to do is pick the plan that's right for you.