What's Next?

Fresh off the release of Carbon, we’ve been closely listening to your feedback -- both what you love, and what we can improve. Since launch, we’ve implemented over 223 small and large changes based directly off your suggestions, and we’re working hard every day to keep up that pace!

As we continue through the year, we’ll be building a number of amazing new features, while continuing to focus on making the core site building experience fast, efficient, and delightful. We’ll be focusing on these improvements in 2 main areas, and would love to hear your input on the specific items we should focus on:

Speed & Efficiency: We’ll be working to make everything you do faster and more efficient. For example, we’re making it faster to load the site editor and manipulate elements. What are the other things that slow you down? What are the things that will help you more efficiently edit your site?

Quirks & Bugs: We’re always striving to make Weebly even easier and more delightful to use. Do you experience any little annoyances while you’re editing? What's not working as expected? For example, sometimes text formatting gets messed up when you copy and paste from Word. We’d love to hear all of the little areas we can improve!

It's simple. We’re where we are today because of you, and your feedback has a direct impact on our roadmap and what we work on -- it gets sent straight to our Product and Engineering teams.

We’d love your input and your thoughts on how to make Weebly work better for you. Let us know by filling out the form below!