Announcing Weebly Promote: Simple Email Marketing to Grow Your Business

Create and send emails in just a few clicks with Weebly Promote, our new complete email marketing service that lets you build email campaigns integrated directly with your Weebly website, online store or blog. Email is an important resource for any website or business, it’s three times more effective than social media at prompting purchases. Now you can get your own email marketing started on Weebly.

Try Weebly Promote Free!

From drag and drop email design, to list management and performance tracking, Weebly Promote gives you everything you need to engage your audience and drive traffic back to your business or website. Use Weebly Promote to announce a new product to customers, send weekly newsletters to your readers, or share updates with your most loyal fans. These features connect directly with your Weebly account so you can run email marketing and your website all from the same place.

Weebly Promote is free to try with any Weebly plan for up to 2 email campaigns. Paid plans start at $8/month and allow you to send more emails to more recipients, plus premium features like scheduling. Your Weebly Promote plan can be used on any site in your account.

Let’s take a closer look at Weebly Promote’s top features:

Build Email Lists

The first thing you need for any email campaign is a list of emails to contact, and Weebly Promote gives you a variety of different ways to build your email list. Import your contacts from email services like Gmail, Yahoo! and MailChimp by uploading a csv. You can also sync your Weebly contacts from membership groups, store orders and forms with a simple one-click integration. The new “Newsletter Form” element lets you create a contact form specific to your email list.

After you’ve built an email list Weebly Promote makes it easy to segment contacts into custom groups. For example, you can organize your email list into a group of repeat customers and a group of blog subscribers, from there it’s easy build unique email campaigns around the two different groups. ​

Drag and Drop Email Builder


Drag and drop elements to create beautiful emails. Add your own images, font pairings and color palettes to design emails that match your website and brand. Weebly Promote uses the same easy drag and drop builder you’ve used to create your website.

Weebly Promote offers a range of pre-designed templates available for a variety of different email types, including newsletters, promotions, product announcements and events. Preview your email in desktop, mobile or text-only views before sending to make sure your message looks great on every screen. You can also save your custom template to use on future campaigns. ​

Email Stats


See exactly how many people opened, viewed and clicked through your emails. Weebly Promote provides a simple dashboard of key email stats to help you understand which campaigns worked well and which need improvement.

Additional Features

  • Test emails: Catch any errors or mistakes by sending test emails before launching your campaigns
  • Scheduling: Schedule emails for delivery at a later time (paid plan only)
  • Live Webinars (coming soon): Expert advice to help you learn new tips and tricks and master best practices of email marketing

With Weebly Promote you can build amazing email programs alongside your website. A set of new articles to help you get started are now available in the Help Center.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the new product and what types of email campaigns you’ve created for your website, store or blog. This is just the beginning for Weebly Promote, new features will be coming soon!