Understanding “Mobilegeddon” - Google’s Mobile Search Update

The Google search algorithm was recently updated to give mobile-friendly websites better visibility in mobile search results. In fact, all mobile-friendly sites will be labeled as such in search. Websites that are not mobile-friendly may experience a drop in mobile search rankings.

The media has called this update "Mobilegeddon" but you don't need to worry – Weebly websites are mobile-ready. The latest site themes are fully responsive while the older themes serve a separate version for mobile devices. Both mobile options pass the mobile-friendly test with flying colors. We will be focusing exclusively on responsive themes moving forward because it keeps site design consistent across all devices. We created a brief help guide to show you how to ensure your Weebly website is mobile-ready.

If you're considering a new theme for your Weebly website, we have several new responsive themes sets available, the latest featuring Saucy, Unite and Redux along with Superset and Venue, and of course, the original responsive theme set, Square and Bradley.

Why is mobile important?

Every month more and more of your visitors will likely access your content from a mobile device. In April, nearly 40% of traffic to Weebly sites came from a phone or tablet. Research findings support the idea that consumers are choosing mobile over desktop to access important information. A Nielsen report shows that more than 85% of Millennials own smartphones while Pew Internet found that 10% of smartphone owners did not have another form of high-speed Internet access at home.


Mobile-friendly themes allow visitors to your website, blog or online store to have an optimized and rewarding experience. Websites that function well at any screen size keep visitors engaged without navigation through awkward and unnecessary tapping and zooming actions.

Will Your Rankings Change?

Mobile compatibility is only one of the many factors considered for search engine rankings. The latest algorithm update affects mobile search results performed on mobile devices. Mobilegeddon does not affect search rankings for searches performed on desktop. A newly-optimized website will be included (automatically) in mobile search results as soon as it is crawled and indexed. You can use webmaster tools to submit a recently updated site to the Google search index.